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How to write phenomenal blog posts?

January 30, 2017

Head of Hospitality

Head of Hospitality
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Have you ever got stuck writing a blog post? You have the facts right in front of you, know the premise of the post but somehow can’t put it into words. Or, you may have written a post but it doesn’t read the way you hoped it would.

You want to write a phenomenal blog post, but most of the time it is a struggle. You need to get into the mood, prepare your mind and let the words flow out of you. It cannot be too planned, too rigid or too structured. It needs to feel right. It is the feeling associated with a blog post that gets people reading, even more so than the actual information in it.
Before you start tapping your fingers on the keyboard, here are some things you can do to churn out a fantastic blog post.

Think about the ending before writing the beginning

Consider the end of the post. It doesn’t mean you have to start by writing the final few sentences, it just means you have an idea of where it is headed. What do you expect your readers to feel? Is it to experience a particular emotion? Do you want them to act on your write up? You need to have answers for these questions to not just write the post but to incorporate certain elements to bring out these very feelings.

Different styles of blog writing

Do you know there are different styles of writing you can have on your blog, with each style attracting a different audience? The writing styles can fall under personal, products and reviews, opinions, news, and philosophical and theoretical aspects. Where does your writing style fit on this sphere? Before you craft a new post, it is best you determine what type of audience would benefit from your style.

What is your mood like?

The kind of mood you are in matters to writing well. If you are struggling about something, the last thing you want to do is to sit and write a well prepared and structured blog post. It will not flow naturally, and instead will be something that feels forced. You want your writing to be smooth, soft and engaging. Here’s an interesting tip. Get into the mood!

Get your energy levels up

You need to feel energized to have ideas bouncing off your head. Whether it is sleep, stress, or diet, unbeknownst to you, these elements play a vital role on how focused you are. Get your energy levels up and find the best time to write. If you enjoy writing early morning, set your alarm, wake up and head straight to the computer. If you prefer working at night, have a cup of coffee and start fervently typing away.

Another factor is what kind of environment setting you prefer to write in. What is your setting like? Is it noisy, quiet, distracting or serene? You think a blogger would need peace, tranquility, and an area that is clean, well lit and preferably quiet. However, not everyone likes to work in such a setting. Some of the top bloggers out there will write in a noisy coffee shop and produce their best work.

Let’s start writing

The effort of actually writing is a whole new game. How can you construct your post so that it makes sense to your readers?

Make news with your headline

You need to come up with an attention grabbing headline. Do you know most readers only glance at the headline? You have exactly three seconds to get their attention? If it sounds boring they will move onto the next interesting headline. However good your content is, it still defeats the whole purpose of putting it out there. No one is going to read a post with an uninspiring headline. Find a perfect title, and while it may not come to you right away, keep at it, until it sounds perfect.

Writer’s block

You may find yourself getting stuck in the middle of a post and your mind going completely blank. This is known as writer’s block and something most writers experience from time to time. You think the first part sounds phenomenal, getting the second part to sound right is just not coming to you. Something doesn’t feel right. When this happens there are a number of things you can do.

A break is good

First, take a short break and get away from your writing table. If you enjoy music, listen to some songs it will sooth your mind. On the other hand, if you prefer nature, take a walk around the neighbourhood. Unclutter your mind. It will do your post a world of good.

Start all over again

Save the post and begin a new one altogether. Maybe your idea is just not working out. You can start a new post, but come back to the old one when you are feeling refreshed.

Whom are you writing for?

Think about the audience you are writing for. Be inspired to write for them and imagine their reaction upon reading it. Remember, you are not writing for yourself. It is your audience and search engines that will latch onto your post. If you can imagine your audience, your mind will be filled with ideas and the writing will flow naturally.

Preview, preview, preview

Once your post is done, your job is still not finished. Preview your post; this is an absolute must and something most writers miss out on doing. Do not skim through it, read it aloud. Does it sound like what you expected? Or, does it sound completely different? If it doesn’t sound right, you might want to reword it. It will also help you identify grammar errors and other minor mistakes that would have escaped you in the midst of writing.

There are plenty of tips on how to write a fantastic blog post, but these are some of our favourites, as they differ from conventional wisdom. We hope you enjoyed reading it.

Head of Hospitality

Angela Soudi is a visionary writer with 20+ years of experience in Sales and Marketing across Europe, Canada, and the Middle East. She is highly invested in actively contributing articles to pioneering hospitality platforms and websites.

Head of Hospitality
Search Engine Optimization
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