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We are proud to be recognized & awarded among the world’s top leading restaurant consulting firms, based in Dubai. We’re proud to work alongside and with clients of all standards, sizes and specializes.

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    From developing your concept, engineering your menu, designing your kitchen, and creating your branding and business modeling to actual operations, we will be holding your hand every step of the way.

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    We’ll make your life easier. You’ll have access to tools and strategies to help you with your restaurant operations to grow your business, reduce your costs, and assist you in managing your staff.

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    We bring only the best personnel for your business. We prioritize staff training to ensure their professionalism meets the standards of your restaurant.

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  • 1. Business Planning
  • 2. Feasibility Study
  • 3. Concept Creation
  • 4. Branding
  • 5. Franchise Modelling

01 Business Planning

At Be Unique Hospitality, we bring your ideas and our expertise together to create a customized business plan for your restaurant. We want to understand your passions, and objectives, to make sure we help create a profitable venture for you.

We strive to always be up to date with the latest food trends to help guide you through the industry. Staying ahead of your competition through innovating is the 'secret recipe' to a successful restaurant.

A business plan outlines your goals, strategies for growth, unique selling proposition, plan to market your restaurant and more. Unsure how much money you need to start your business? A detailed plan will forecast the initial capital needed to get your business running and outline the milestones to determine profitability.

02 Feasibility Study

Through a feasibility study, we will determine the practicality and potential of your food business. This is done through a preliminary analysis of your restaurant idea.

During the feasibility study, market surveys will be conducted to get to know the target consumers and their purchasing power, assess the competition and evaluate the marketability of a location. Moreover, in the course of the study, opportunities are explored, challenges are determined, and solutions are developed.

Projected revenues and expenses are included in the feasibility study to provide an outlook of how the business will be moving forward in terms of finances. Overall, the feasibility study we will conduct aims to place your business idea forward.

03 Concept Creation

After conducting the feasibility study, it’s time to decide on the right concept for your food business. By now, you already have an idea of what appeals to your target consumers as well as meeting the market expectations of your desired location.

Part of creating a concept that sells is choosing an effective serving style. This means choosing between a casual service, formal dining, or a fast-food setting. Designing a menu based on the cuisine of your choice is fundamental as well.

Our hospitality team has worked with several restaurant owners in designing a menu that effectively translates food concepts into a plate. Finally, choosing a theme to tie your restaurant concept together is the final step. Our team will guide you through realizing the concept that will work best for your restaurant.

04 Branding

Branding will always coincide with your chosen concept, from the colors you use in your logo, the overall feel of your interiors, right down to the packaging and marketing materials.

We work closely with you and our creative team to develop the branding that effectively amplifies your brand story and create cohesion and consistency within your food business.

Ultimately, our goal is to create branding materials that will show your restaurant’s personality and create a unique dining experience for your customers.

05 Franchise Modelling

One of the ways that can drive growth to your business is through franchising. To accomplish this, our experts work to evaluate your current business model. Your concept will also be assessed if it can be efficiently replicated.

Several processes will be taken into consideration including sales reporting and tracking, inventory processes, logistics, supply chain management, employee training, and royalties. Our team will identify which of these aspects needs to be streamlined and improved as well as identify if a structure is in place.

Our team will ensure to develop a sound business infrastructure that will be profitable not just for you but for your future franchisees as well. This means a well-rounded franchise model for your business.

Your Concept, Your Vision, Only Better

we design, create and build your dream into reality

  • 1. Menu Engineering
  • 2. Recruitment & Staff Training
  • 3. Mystery Shopper
  • 4. Operations Management
  • 5. Accounting
  • 6. Re-branding

01 Menu Engineering

Menu engineering sounds too complex and intimidating for many restaurateurs to consider. Still, savvy restaurant owners have used some of these techniques to ensure they achieve the maximum revenue and profit from their menu. Your menu is the restaurant's primary sales and marketing tool, so it’s crucial to optimize its influence and understand what your customers want.

Effective menu engineering has many benefits. It helps you balance your food costs and increase guest check totals by suggestively selling other menu items. One study found that simple menu engineering could increase profits by 15% or more. Our specialist team of Business Consultants and chefs understand the importance of a well-engineered and optimized menu and will develop this for your restaurant.

02 Recruitment & Staff Training

The hospitality industry relies heavily on its people and their ability to portray your restaurant in the way you intend. A busy restaurant is essential, but knowledgeable and well-trained staff will ensure your success.

For all hospitality-related roles, you’re looking to fill our specialist expertise, and extensive database of industry professionals, means we can match the right people to the right opportunities. We have developed an in-depth vetting technique to ensure we present candidates with the highest standards.

03 Mystery Shopper

Hiring a mystery shopper for your restaurant is a valuable tool for monitoring and evaluating your internal operations while ensuring your staff provides excellent service.

In a fast-paced environment and a constant flow of new and returning customers, it can be difficult for management to keep track of day to day standards in the restaurant.

A mystery shopper provides a unique opportunity to acquire impartial feedback on your customers’ experiences.

By obtaining a better understanding of your staff’s overall performance, restaurant managers can identify priorities for improvement to keep the profits rolling.

We will arrange and manage the whole mystery shopping process and provide you with a comprehensive report for improvements.

04 Operations Management

Effective and well-structured operations management is crucial to the success and functionality of your restaurant. Running a profitable business in the hyper-competitive restaurant industry is notoriously difficult because every restaurant presents unique operational challenges.

It can feel overwhelming to systemize and streamline everyday business and operational functions. We will do this for you and teach you and your staff how to use and update these systems effectively. As part of our operations management agreement, we offer the following:

- Sourcing the best POS system for your business
- Back of the house operations
- Front of the house
- Personnel management
- Financial management
- Health and safety
- HR policy
- Quality control

05 Accounting

One of the biggest challenges businesses, and especially those within the hospitality industry have, is time. With busy daily management duties taking up most of your time, our accounting team can meet your monthly, quarterly, and yearly accounting commitments, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business that drive profit.

With a wealth of experience, our professional team of certified accountants ensures you are fully supported with your restaurant’s tailored package with a wealth of experience. We understand the day to day demands of running a business within such a challenging industry. Our goal is to keep your business in-line with the latest changes to accountancy legislation.

06 Re-branding

In today's competitive market, it's critical to have a brand that not only stands out and grabs attention, but embodies who you are and what you offer to your customers. Whether it’s creating a new brand identity from scratch or revamping an existing brand as part of a rebrand, our incredibly creative team of brand strategists and graphic designers know how to create an inspiring and unique branding, which intrigue, excite, and compel your customers.

Happy Clients

  • Amira’s Deli, The Pointe

    Amira’s Deli, situated at The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, boasts of its fusion cuisine - American Deli and European bakery. Our team at Be Unique Hospitality was tasked to engineer their menu to fit its unique concept. Moreover, we also arranged recruitment and staff training for the restaurant.

    • 5-star rating in Tripadvisor
    • Consistent positive reviews
    • Designed a unique and wide selection menu that infuses French, American, other international cuisines.
    View Case Study
  • Logma

    Logma is an Emirati food restaurant that has branches in Box Park, Al Wasl Road, Mirdif City Center, and Dubai Mall. Their Riyadh branch is also opening soon. Be Unique Hospitality conducted superstar staff training for the employees in the restaurant that included guest expectations, menu knowledge, selling techniques, and complaint handling.

    • Improved staff performance and received positive feedback from dine-in customers through Zomato (4.3 stars) and Tripadvisor (4.5 stars)
    • Nominated for MENA restaurant awards for 2019 and 2020
    View Case Study
  • That Cafe, Abu Dhabi

    That Cafe is a 2-storey cafe with outdoor seating, located at Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi. They are known for their gluten-free, and vegan options. Be Unique Hospitality provided a full service for That Cafe, from its early conception, menu design, interiors, recruitment, staff training, and actual operations.

    • Developed a wide range of menu options from breakfast meals, desserts, and vegan and gluten-free options
    • 4.2 stars in Google Reviews
    View Case Study
  • Nene Chicken

    Nene Chicken is a Korean fast food that specializes in Korean-style fried chicken. They are located near Ski Dubai’s Foodcourt, Mall Of The Emirates, Dubai. Be Unique Hospitality has been part of Nene Chicken right from the beginning. As their consultants, we helped them in business planning, staff training, recruitment, location scouting, and initial restaurant operations.

    • Attracted high-volume customers in MOE and around Dubai
    • 4-star rating in Zomato
    View Case Study
  • Majlis Al Sultan

    Majlis Al Sultan is a contemporary Middle Eastern restaurant located on Al Wasl Road. We were part of the conception of the restaurant from the feasibility study, concept creation, menu engineering, interior design, right down to staff training, and actual operation. We guided the restaurant owners in actualizing their dream restaurant. Today, they are one of t he most sought after food establishments in Dubai.

    • Awarded Favourite Middle Eastern Restaurant 2019
    • Included in the Top 50 Lebanese Restaurants in Dubai
    • 5 Star Rating in Tripadvisor
    View Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you assist with restaurant startups in Dubai?

    With decades of experience, DB Hospitality has proven to be the best restaurant consultant in the region. We are professionals at launching a new venture as it is a part of our consulting services. We offer a checklist for new restaurant ventures along with a guided technique to successful startup businesses.

  • Do you assist with reconstructing existing restaurants?

    As one of the leading restaurant consultants in Dubai, we have the right answers. With our extensive experience, we will guide you through the current issues you are facing in your business model and take you down a new path that promises success and growth.

  • Will I need excellent hospitality staff?

    Having the right talent in your business is the key to running a successful restaurant. Selecting the right staff is extremely important. We will spend the right amount of time finding suitable candidates for you. Once selected, it is all about building your team and inspiring them to succeed with you for your business.

  • How do I know if my menu is good enough?

    In many cases, we find that a little revamping is necessary. There are certain cases where a complete revamp may be required as well. We work on the best concepts that we believe will sell better with your targeted audience, which in return will increase the frequency and potential new clients at your restaurant. Our team will ensure your team (both front and back of restaurant staff) is well trained on all your menu items, the concept as a whole, and all the unique qualities of your cuisine.

  • Does Be Unique Hospitality manage operations?

    With over three decades of combined experience, we have owned and operated successful restaurants not only across the region but all major continents. Being primarily restaurant consultants in Dubai, we offer short-term management contracts as well as long term contracts. What makes us different from the other consultants is we have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we know the solutions to any problem that comes along.

  • Does Be Unique Hospitality you do assist with business planning?

    Business planning for restaurant start-ups is one of our primary specialties. We are extremely thorough with the procedure and follow a close protocol and guidelines set during the initial planning phase. We will be working closely with you to fully understand the process of planning your new restaurant, where you aim to be one year – 10 years from now and laying out the business plan to get you there in the shortest and quickest time possible!


Campaigns & Strategies Designed To
Exceed Client Expectations

Be Unique Hospitality conducted superstar staff training for our employees in the restaurant that included guest expectations, menu knowledge, selling techniques, and complaint handling. With their help, we have been nominated twice for the MENA awards in 2019 and 2020.

Be Unique Hospitality was with us since the conception of the restaurant from the feasibility study, concept creation, menu engineering, interior design, right down to staff training, and actual operation. The team guided us in actualizing our dream restaurant. Today, we are one of the most sought after food establishments in Dubai. We were also awarded Favorite Middle Eastern Restaurant in 2019.

Be Unique Hospitality has been part of Nene Chicken right from the beginning. As our consultants, the team helped us in business planning, staff training, recruitment, location scouting, and initial restaurant operations.

The team at Be Unique Hospitality provided a full service for us at That Cafe, from concept creation, menu design, interiors, recruitment, staff training, and actual operations. Today, we are a well-loved establishment with customers flocking from different emirates.

Be Unique Hospitality was tasked to engineer our menu to fit our unique concept. They designed a unique and wide selection menu that infuses French, American, other international cuisines. The team also arranged the recruitment and staff training for our restaurant.

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