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How To Optimize & Maximize Your Business?

September 28, 2017

Head of Hospitality

Head of Hospitality
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We are told not to worry about the little things in life. Yet, when it comes to business even the little things matter. It is the little things that make up the success or failure of a business. Many times business owners attempt various techniques and strategies. Oftentimes, what you need to realize is that you don’t have to constantly push out new strategies, instead reinvent or tweak the old ones to get them functioning properly again. Optimization and maximization is analyzing your business to determine what needs to be done more effectively and efficiently.

Remember, even the smallest changes to your business can still lead to growth. When your business is not performing up to standard or as well as you want it to, it is easy to get discouraged and even consider changing the entire strategy. You want to replace everything old with something new. The truth is you don’t have to change it all, you are only 2mm away from where you want to be.

You can optimize and maximize in all areas of your business whether it is lead generation, sales prospects, up-selling, conversion and so on. First you need to understand your business components thoroughly and the results it produces in every area. Then consider where your business might face challenges and create a concise plan to mobile your team and target specific changes.

Although the changes may be small, you still need to be fully invested in the process. Here’s how you can do it.

Which areas are impacted the most?
Define areas impacted more than others. For instance, it could be leads, transaction or the sales process. Determine where you want to make changes and if these changes would impact positively.

Determine key performance drivers
Once you have determined the impact categories, you need to look at key drivers within each of these categories. Which areas are financially challenged, and which ones produce the best results. What areas do you need to measure more? Eventually, you will need to consider all areas, but start small.

Opportunities from key drivers
Look at opportunities within these key drivers and maximize efficiency by brainstorming with your team. What is the current status? What are you doing right now? How can you change it to function more effectively?

Action plan is a must
You need a well thought out and carefully prepared action plan. How do you plan to achieve your business goals? Look at core outcomes and establish deadlines. ;Your entire business team should be involved with each person being given a specific task.

Measure and follow-up
Track, measure and look at the progress for the next 90 days. Do you see any immediate changes? Do these changes impact other business areas? At every stage your team needs to know what they are doing well and achieving, if the changes are in fact working. You need to set measurable and manageable goals.

Head of Hospitality

Angela Soudi is a visionary writer with 20+ years of experience in Sales and Marketing across Europe, Canada, and the Middle East. She is highly invested in actively contributing articles to pioneering hospitality platforms and websites.

Head of Hospitality
Search Engine Optimization
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