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How to write a press release for an event (2021) + Examples

January 20, 2021

Head of Hospitality

Angela Soudi

Head of Hospitality
Public Relations

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There’s no better exposure for your company when you are looking forward to making it the spotlight than a positive news article which highlights your big announcement, be it a launch of a new product or hosting a vast event. Not only does it create a buzz for your company but also it helps your company be well recognized by your target audience. However, there are certain things that you must be aware of on how to write a press release for an event before you release it.

Although press releases involve a great deal of flexibility and creativity, there is a basic structure that is to be followed.

A press release is a key announcement to ensure that the media and the public know the latest news from your company. News releases are all about showing what your company has achieved and the milestones that make your company worth celebrating. 

Why should you even think about writing a press release?

Here are some of the key benefits of writing and posting a press release:

1. To get covered on media pages and websites

2. Push traffic to your page

3. Have your business show up on Google News

4. Enhance the rankings on Google

5. Improve the trust and reputation of your company

Most commonly, media releases are about one-page in length and should always be written in a very clear and professional language.

When writing a press release the most significant factor to consider is the audience you are writing for and emphasize the key messages that you need to convey in a press release.

A step-by-step guide on how to write a press release for an event

You will need time and effort to compose a strong, effective press release for all your company’s huge news stories in order to grab the attention of your audience. Let’s go through the steps of writing a press release for an event to make yours stand out from the rest!

Let’s take one of the Yale Universities press releases as an example to showcase these steps.

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1. Headline: Get hold of their attention

This is where you grab the attention of the reader with an eye-catching and powerful heading. It’s very crucial to construct your headline to be clear, relevant, and interesting. Try including either the name, the location, or the theme of the event.  

Also, keep in mind that when you write an online press release for an event, Google will index 60 characters, and Yahoo – 120 characters. Also, use Title Case for your headlines. But before you start on it think about answering questions like:

1. What is your press release about? 

2. What big event or milestone has been achieved?

3. Why would anyone want to be aware of this news?

4. Is it worth the news? 

5. Why would others need to know about this announcement and how would it help them?

6. Think about your audience. What kind of headline would catch your attention if you were in the shoes of your readers and make you want to know more?


2. Summary

Thereafter, write a summary of around one to four sentences. It is more advisable to do this section at the end so that you have the entire press release done and it would be much easier to highlight the points.

3. Subheadline – Keep it short

When it comes to grabbing the attention of your reader, you have to always surge the interest and make them want to learn more. A short overview of the story should be your subheadline and endorse your headline. In your favor, keeping it short and easy will do the work.


4. The first paragraph-  Getting to the point

This is the spot where many viewers are lost, either it gets boring or it has too much detail. Therefore get to the point and stop using terminology that is technical or complicated. If they can’t catch the main idea in the first paragraph, viewers will quickly miss your press release. 

This is the most significant aspect of your press release, so remember what the reader would like to hear. Respond to the event’s “who, what, why, when, where, and how” questions which range to about 25 to 30 words. 


5. Body – Keep it interesting

This section is to be kept to a minimum of one or two paragraphs, as this is where you really get to tell the story of the event. To expand on the specifics of the incident, use the first paragraph. Discuss the target audience, any guests who will be featured and their history, and the benefits of attending. 

If the location is historic or in any way relevant to your event or the date coincides with your company’s history or a special anniversary, note this. It is likely that this portion of the press release is a little more detailed than the previous parts.

6. Give more detail, add a quote

After working hard you come up with a catchy headline, you bring an amazing subheadline and your introduction was flawless. After you’ve come this far, you need to give your announcement more information without losing the attention you’ve received and for this, you’ll need a solid and appealing quote. 

Make sure that the quotation for the latest release is up-to-date, appropriate to the announcement, and from a company executive. A quote is a perfect way to add authenticity to your announcement and get people excited!


7. Boilerplate statement

The boilerplate is a piece of text that can be used frequently, much like a website that uses an “About” tab. This is where the information about your business is listed, including the services you offer, and maybe the main executives are also mentioned. This will include your mission and vision for your company. This is the public persona for your business you want to project.

8. Closing statement – General Information

And Alas! It’s time to conclude with the announcement information, like the time, date, contact number, cost, website and etc. Since you’ve already clarified as to why this announcement is important in the information section, in this particular section you want to make sure who and what is really clear. 

Also end with three hashtag symbols (###) to signify the end of the publication, centered directly above the boilerplate and under the body copy.


To be more straightforward on how to write a press release for an event:

A press release does not magically get the job done and make wonders but rather it is the effort you put in. But when done correctly, your press release can be the most powerful and efficient tool in spreading the news about the cool things that your business is actually doing!

Now, let’s look at the basic tips of writing a press release for an event. 

1. Start out efficient and concise. Within the first few sentences, you need to get hold of your reader.

2. Use Active voice. Vibrant verbs create new and exciting copies and attract the reader in.

3. Identify an individual at the point that readers can direct their inquiries.

4. Tell a mindblowing story, since you want to attract people to your event. 

5. Make sure to send the press release in a timely manner. Being sent too early, it will not be noticed by people, and if sent too late, they might have other plans already. A successful timeline is two or three weeks in advance.

6. Link trends, news, and social issues to your event can bring suspense and urgency to an event press release. By attending, the reader thinks they are having more benefits than staying away.

7. Keep your words within the range of 300-800 words.

8. Check your Spellings!

Do not rush, but take it with the flow. Put out all the creativity within and make your press release grab the spotlight!

Here are some more examples of press releases done right:

Press Release from Galaxy Press:


Press Release from Rubina Ratnakar:


Press Release from Faceless Technologies:


Angela Soudi

Head of Hospitality

Angela Soudi is a visionary writer with 20+ years of experience in Sales and Marketing across Europe, Canada, and the Middle East. She is highly invested in actively contributing articles to pioneering hospitality platforms and websites.

Angela Soudi

Head of Hospitality
Public Relations
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