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Snapchat For Businesses. How Brands Can Use It To Their Benefit

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesSocial Media Management

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Snapchat, a popular social media management application that came after Facebook and Twitter allows users to send photos to each other, which then disappear after ten seconds. This phenomenal idea has turned into a $10 billion business. The product, however, is now a more comprehensive, fully fledged social media platform. Snapchat is not for kids who have nothing else to do and sit on their couches sending pictures to each other every day. It has become more than that.

Do you know Snapchat launched features such as Stories and Discover which are now being used by Coca Cola, General Electric and the National Geographic? It has 100 million active users every month. It certainly centers on age, and its biggest demographic sits between the ages of 18-24.

Now, here’s not to say Snapchat is for everyone. It isn’t. A B2B marketer, for instance, cannot target high level corporations using Snapchat. If your demographic is made up of young consumers, there is maximum potential in this social media network. Snapchat can become your untapped outlet to target young people.

Remember, even if your followers are young you shouldn’t be spamming them. Be selective in what you plan to send your followers. These people are the voices of your brand. They will carry your message forward. You have to walk a fine line. Showcase your brand, what it is all about and give them something consistent to share with other folks outside of your target audience.

Today’s infographic outlines that brands have started using Snapchat to benefit their business. How businesses are using Snapchat mattes. When you send out snaps, it should be authentic, original, buzz worthy and relevant. Snaps should convey a message, and this message should be directly linked to your brand.

You can live stream events through Snapchat. It is the perfect platform to give your audience access to what is happening behind the scenes. It works in real-time and you can use it for trade shows, product launches or promote a special promotion, like showing the 1,000th customer that walked into the store. Its gets your audience excited, we all enjoy seeing things as they happen. It gives a rush of adrenaline, when something is being broadcast live.

Snapchat allows you to deliver private content to your audience. You can surprise your followers by posting a new product before actually launching it. This makes an audience feel special and valued.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesSocial Media Management
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