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How Instagram Has Continued To Evolve Into A Science

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Marketing On InstagramServices

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Not many marketers opt to use Instagram advertising, preferring other social media platforms instead including Facebook. However, once marketers realize Instagram has 400 million active users, they may change their minds. It is a leverage to promote your brand and business. Similar to other social media sites, Instagram followers prefer tags which are more helpful if your aim is to be discovered by them. Do you know the top tags currently on Instagram?

#love, #me, #tbt, ##photooftheday, ##beautiful, #summer, #follow, #instagramhub, #girl, #instamood

If you want your image to attract more likes and comments, start engaging with your followers. Remember, people prefer liking to commenting. First, attempt to understand your users. Every second 575 new likes are created versus 81 comments. Take the time to comment on a follower’s picture, they in turn will appreciate the effort and come back to comment on yours. If you comment on a follower’s photo, not only are they likely to comment but are also likely to follow you.

Even if you like people’s photos that you may not follow, they are likely to come back and follow you. Liking photos of individuals will increase your followers, and not only within your demographic or circle but followers of followers, friends and even influencers. And many times, you will find people whom you randomly liked or commented on actually came back and liked, commented and followed you even more than your own followers did.

Timing is everything. When and what time of the day you post will ultimately decide who saw your posts. Once you determine the date and time, you will find your followers and other followers most active and you are likely to receive the most number of likes and comments at that particular time.

Images that are more personal related to lifestyle get a lot of engagement. If you run a business how do you incorporate a personal touch to your business images? You can combine it with your business related photos. For instance, why not add images of your staff at a charity event, doing CSR in the community, behind the scene photos or on a fun day out? This is what people enjoy seeing. When it is completely business-like and professional, it can become monotonous and boring. You need to add a touch of fun and excitement to your images, and making them more personal and relatable will do the trick.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Marketing On InstagramServices
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