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Avoid Making These Web Design Sins

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Websites Design & Development

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What constitutes effective web design? People have different ideas about what sticks and what doesn’t. Let’s look at the sins you don’ want to make on your web design. The good news is your web development company will follow these principles and your web design will helps convert potential customers.

Do not use fonts that are too small. If you cannot see to read, don’t expect others to be able to see either. Back in the day, most websites used 12px, because this was the regular standard. However, it has become hard to read that font online, and users seem to prefer a bigger font, especially as your face is supposed to be 24 inches away from the screen. Also, with a limited time on the clock to grab the attention of a visitor, you don’t want to have illegible fonts that will make the visitor run to your competitor’s site.

Avoid too many moving sliders. Do they convert? How effective are these sliders? In most cases, sliders are not the most effective way to present information to customers. At least two recent studies have proven it can be a distraction. If you have a slider on the homepage and only 2% click on it, it is a waste of space on an incredibly significant space which you can use for something else in the first place. Sliders seem high tech and cool; however, it is not always going to meet the user requirement.

Low contrast fonts do not work. If you don’t know what low contrast fonts are, it means lighter font on light and darker font on dark. If you want website content to be easy to read, you should know this format never works. Once you’ve paid to get visitors to your web page, the last thing you want is for them to leave because they couldn’t see the font.

Avoid creating line lengths that are too long. A recent study indicates 60 characters per line should be sufficient. Not everyone enjoys reading long lines of text. In fact, to most people it can be rather intimidating. For others it doesn’t constitute to a good reading experience. On the other hand, too short is also not ideal. Content may sound abrupt or ineffective in short lines. Stick to the standard size and deliver an optimal reading experience to your visitors.

Your web design company will ensure the call to action is accentuated in  bright colours. You should reserve colours for the call to action button, and ensure they are not used anywhere else. In addition, the call to action colours should compliment the rest of the colours and make certain it doesn’t clash with each other.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Websites Design & Development
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