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Instagram has now become one of the strongholds of social media advertising strategy. It is a top social media platform which involves massive scale user engagement. If you want to incorporate it into your current social media strategy, we are happy to do it! We believe Instagram is more than just for selfies and to display the latest fashion trends. It gives your business a direct opportunity to tell a story through a picture. This unique storytelling is conversion goals, and this is what we aim to do.

Our Instagram Advertising Process

We will help you run a flawless Instagram campaign to create user generated content, promote your brand and drive fan engagement.

  • Phase 1
    Creating The Campaign
  • Phase 2
    Setting Goals
  • Phase 3
    Campaign optimization
  • Phase 4
    On-going Management
  • Phase 5
    Reporting results

Creating The Campaign

We will set-up the campaign with your objectives in mind. We will take complete responsibility for the promotion and management of your Instagram campaign.

A continuity campaign

This will not be a one-off campaign. Be Unique will offer post-campaign analysis. We help take it off the ground but will not just leave it there. Our expertise and experience will make it a stronghold for your business.

Your competition

We do take note of your competition, if they are in fact on a similar platform. We immerse ourselves in competitor strategies to ensure your campaign is one step ahead at all times.

Setting Goals

We will take time to understand your goals and how these objectives can be met. The team at Be Unique will talk you through your mission and values and your expectations.

Focus of campaign

The focus is getting the campaign off to a great start. We will build it from scratch and ensure it is result driven.


Our goal is to ensure the campaign takes your business to the next level. We aim to make your Instagram platform not only benefit your business but help it grow exponentially.

Campaign optimization

We hope to use the most compelling photos to be shared on your Instagram platform. The photos will tell a story, be it emotional, funny or just serious.

Candid shots

We believe random and behind the scene images help people connect to your brand on an intimate level. Sometimes all it takes is a candid shot for people to feel a personalized touch with your brand.

Strong captions

Captions and strong content are as valuable as images. Words are just as compelling and words can pull people towards your brand.

On-going management

We will have a strong presence in your Instagram campaign, and present to you whether the campaign is effective in terms of leads and conversions. We aim to measure results to show your business where the campaign started and how far it has come.

Business content strategy

We will use attractive visual images to tell people about your brand. What is the business point of view you want to share? We will put as much care and thought to your Instagram campaign as you do for your business.

Well crafted story

We will ensure your visual story is well crafted. We understand viewers like nothing more than to be able to relate deeply and on a personal level to someone else’s narrative. This is what we hope to do through your Instagram platform.

Reporting results

We will measure the performance by evaluating the success of your Instagram campaign. Be Unique will provide up to date reports on evaluation and performance, to ensure you know we are getting the job done!

A new rapport

With ads and images we hope to build a rapport in a totally new way. Our ads will attract your audience and we will keep them engaged for as long, until they turn into loyal customers.

Brand exposure

We will drive exceptional results for your brand. Our goal at Be Unique is to give your brand a platform and let it stand out.

Our Instagram Advertising Results

Be Unique is a continual source of expertise and have the right tools and techniques to deliver maximum results. Your Instagram page will become a platform for great visual storytelling. You will be 100% satisfied with the results!

Be Unique Client Case Study


With an honest, creative and short video showing the procedure of Hollywoodsmile, it became a hit. The on going campaign, generating increase in both ad and brand awareness delivered the following:
  • More than 1 million video views.
  • More than 9,000 reactions on the post with 236 comments and 186 post shares.
  • Reached more than 1 million targeted audience in UAE.
Be Unique Client in Dubai

Gem Jump

The campaign attracted valuable players in UAE, who downloaded and play the Gem Jump Game. In addition to achieving the following:
  • Nearly 300 app downloads of the game.
  • 1,031 likes on the post.
  • Increase in followers
  • Increase in click-to-install rates
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Who We Work With

Be Unique Client in Dubai - Invisalign Center
Dubai Police
Dubai Police
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chucke cheeses

Our Team

We’re a closely knitted family.

Our team brings a wealth of experience from the world’s most formidable industries. We all have one common goal. – Bringing “SMILES” to our clients.

Our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process for Instagram success?

Once you sign up with us, we offer you the perfect plan. You can outline the tasks you require us to do and our goal is to perform it. Let us know your target audience and we can engage with them accordingly. We will Like, Comment and Follow!

What about marketing for my Instagram account?

We would like your input on various aspects of user interaction, which will allow us to engage with your target audience as needed. Our system runs everyday. This provides us the opportunity to grow your followers by the thousands each month.

What is the main benefit to my business?

When we interact with a follower, they will receive a notification. It is this interaction that in turn becomes a curiosity. When people are curious they are drawn to your platform in the form of targeted traffic. The more followers you gain, the more business opportunities it creates.

Will I have a safe Instagram account?

You will have a 100% safe account. We have extensive experience in Instagram advertising and our expert team will ensure your records are perfectly secure. We caution you against using auto-like/follow programs or applications.

Do I need to be an expert myself?

No, you don’t. This is the reason we are. We have the perfect advertising plan and we aim to work directly with you to ensure we receive the information to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition. You are completely free thereafter, it is our responsibility and we will not let you down!


1. What is Instagram advertising?

We will connect your Instagram account to different platforms and provide a cost effective service to ensure your products get the publicity it deserves.

2. What will my Instagram ads look like?

Instagram ads will be displayed in the user’s Instagram feed. It is always recommended advertising via your Instagram account. If you place your ad minus an account, it will not be clickable. The sole purpose of the ad is to increase engagement.

3. What will be my return on investment?

ROI can be determined depending on ad objectives. For example, say the objective is post promotion; the ROI will be determined by the likes and comments your promotion receives.

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Talk with one of our certified marketing professionals about how to get more out of your marketing online.



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Speak To Our Instagram Specialists Today

Talk with one of our professionals about how to get more out of your marketing online.

Speak To Our Specialists Today

Talk with one of our certified marketing professionals about how to get more out of your marketing online.