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What Is Web 3.0 And How Do We Conquer It

Angela Soudi

What Is Web 3.0 And How Do We Conquer It

May 28, 2022

Head of Hospitality

Angela Soudi

Head of Hospitality

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If there is something the tech-world is eagerly waiting for, it’s the next version of the web – the “Web 3.0” or lightly described as the third generation of internet services that runs on blockchain. Web 3.0 hasn’t been implemented yet, so the specifics of how it will work are up for debate. However, according to social media marketing experts here is all you need to know about this web evolution and what you can expect from it to conquer it. 


What Is it? 

For beginners, Web 3.0 is a new age iteration of internet services that is focused on a decentralized blockchain. This means that the data on Web 3.0 is not held by a single party. Instead, they are on a public blockchain, which is controlled by the users of the network. 

Web 3.0 is a peer-to-peer internet with so single authority. You will however be the owner of the content you post online with full control over them. As the data is stored in multiple computers under Web 3.0, you will not have to worry about downtimes as well, and the data can be accessed from any device and from anywhere. 

In the context of social media management, Web3 promises intelligent connectivity, dynamic compatibility, and more democratic functionality. So it’s not just a new way of building a website but a completely fresh and renovated way to experience the internet. 

The three core features of Web3 are as follows; 


  • Decentralized Web

Web 2.0 or the web we use today, is highly interactive and offers many opportunities for content creation and monetization. However, most of these opportunities are managed by large corporations. Web 3.0 through a decentralized approach removes these gatekeepers for a more autonomous, user-centric experience for your business and even personal web use. 


  • Tokenization

Based on blockchain (the technology affiliated with Bitcoin And cryptocurrencies) tokenization allows users to receive network tokens for adding value in the form of content creation to the network. This is believed to give these users the reward they deserve, rather than leaving the monetization part to Big Tech companies. Basically, proponents speculate that users may be able to earn tokens to demonstrate their ownership of their content, which can in turn be used as a form of currency.


  • Artificial Intelligence

AI is another key feature within the implementation of web 3.0, thanks to AI’s ability to combine data and use natural language processing. As Web 3.0 promises to be a semantic web, the increased functionality can allow users to interact with the website through natural languages and not keywords.


How To Conquer It ?

The concept of Web 3.0 has some serious applications and possibilities for your business and personal web use and even for reputation management. You can share comments, videos, and images across the social web like Web 2.0 and in turn receive tokens for your user-generated content that could be cashed in.

Another possible application of Web 3.0 is the ability to gain a semantic web experience where you can find the most appropriate pages based on the semantics of your search query. This avoids the need to decode keywords and find the most appropriate pages through syntax only.

Similarly, the 3D graphics integrated within Web 3.0 is expected to allow a three-dimensional world, like the metaverse. Through this, you can communicate, shop, and explore the world in a virtual environment. This theme can more effectively be used and applied in the e-commerce, real estate, and health industries. 

However, because Web 3.0 is a concept of what the web may become, you can’t currently create anything on Web 3.0. In general, the blockchain compatibility featured in Web 3.0 offers users a more democratic landscape for both commercial and personal use. 

Angela Soudi

Head of Hospitality

Angela Soudi is a visionary writer with 20+ years of experience in Sales and Marketing across Europe, Canada, and the Middle East. She is highly invested in actively contributing articles to pioneering hospitality platforms and websites.

Angela Soudi

Head of Hospitality
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