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Be Unique Group is an award-winning, global mobile application development agency delivering premium quality mobile apps at an affordable price. We revolutionize your users’ experience through tailor-made app solutions specifically designed to your business needs. As a consulting agency, we help our clients translate their vision into positive, engaging and interactive mobile applications that resonate with users and create value for the brand.


Mobile applications should be developed with the end-users in mind. To create an app that matters, it should be relevant, timely, and above all responsive. In essence, mobile applications help businesses retain their loyal consumers by creating a channel for direct customer interaction. This is achieved through in-app promotions, purchases,  loyalty programs, and regular updates sent via mobile app.

Offering an easier platform for communication, mobile applications are now part and parcel of everyday life. Our mobile phones are no longer just a means of communication but a significant instrument to manage consumer demands into compact and easy-to-use mobile applications.

We efficiently design, develop and launch mobile applications while ensuring that each business’s needs are catered to and challenges addressed. This further improves the brand’s value proposition, product or service differentiation, and user experience. Our talented developers work alongside creative UI designers,  UX engineers, and digital content experts creating a cross-functional team that’s present with you at every stage of development.

Our process ensures that your mobile application is built to be fully integrable, flexible, and adaptable to any changes as dictated by measurable data taken from the end-users. We make sure that we contribute to your sales funnel by creating an excellent experience for your users- an application that matters.


We get inspiration from your vision and translate it into our designs. Driven by creative innovation, our designers see to it that your business goes beyond just a pretty picture or a perfectly engineered design. Our design team ensures that your mobile app is user-friendly and optimized according to the needs of your target audience to deliver the best user experience possible.

Our hands-on and client-centric approach to design includes you in the process to make sure we understand your requirements, thereby creating the best and most suited design to showcase your product. An effective design is responsive, highly-personalized, secure, accessible, and understands the users- qualities our design team makes certain to embody in designing your application.

Having an eye for detail, our designers scrutinize every color, font, text size, and other design elements to create an easy-to-use interface. This makes for simpler registration for new users, makes sure that your product is understood and maintains user engagement, and regular app use.

Support And Maintenance

Our service does not only end in developing and designing your mobile application. Beyond development and design, we carry you through the launching up to support and maintenance. We make sure to not overlook backend support and address challenges that can range from bugs, UI design changes, integrating additional features, and eliminating spam. Apart from this, our team is ready and fully capable of app user support and act on any app adjustments whether it is in design or interface to reflect any changes in the strategic direction of your business.

Nothing is as effective as solutions driven by data. We assess the effectiveness of your app through analytics drawn from figures gathered through your mobile application. These insights are then analyzed and taken action. Whether the data demonstrates a huge bounce rate, low engagement, complicated interface, too much or too little functions, our team can offer the support needed to respond and provide solutions based on figures. Consequently, it enables you to create guided business decisions. With us, you receive regular app performance reports so you’ll get to be on top of your products or services.

Getting Your App Noticed

The truth is, there is a lot of competition within the mobile app industry. It is important for you to stand out in such a saturated market. This why marketing your mobile application to your target users is crucial. You may have an effective mobile application but without a proper marketing strategy in place, you will not have the leverage to reach out to your customers faster and better.

Our digital marketing team is capable of researching what appeals to your market as well as identify your competitors within the same. Part of this process is creating a consumer profile, conducting market research, and understanding your competitors’ existing applications. Based on the gathered data, our team can come up with effective marketing solutions that increase the visibility of your mobile application to the right people- your target users.

We are able to provide compelling marketing materials such as video teasers, promotional landing pages for your existing website and social media advertising. These marketing collaterals will ensure that your mobile application is seen and downloaded.

Harnessing The Power Of Flutter

Fact is, Flutter is the most effective cross-platform framework for mobile application development today.  Simply put, it is a software development kit developed by Google. It’s widely used in creating applications across different operating systems such as the iOs, Android, Linux, Mac and Google’s very own Google Fuschia.

Some of the biggest mobile applications existing today were developed using Flutter including utility apps such as Google Ads and e-commerce apps like Alibaba. The software greatly reduces code development time which means you get to launch your mobile application in a shorter timeline than having it made with other development software.

Perhaps the best thing about using Flutter is it enables you to go beyond the features of your mobile app. This means your mobile app users will have the same experience as with using the application on a browser as Flutter allows seamless integration of mobile app features on your mobile phone to your browser on a computer. This makes Flutter an even more effective not just as a cross-platform framework for a mobile application but for web development as well.

We harness the power of what major tech companies are using to develop their applications and we make it accessible for small to medium-sized businesses across the globe.

Understanding Different Mobile Operating Systems

Different operating systems require distinct technical approaches especially when it comes to application development. Our team understands this not only on the technical level but also in the process of building the app as a whole. We create the most effective interface that’s suitable to all your users whether they are on android or iOs.

Every aspect of our app developing process is carried out with this in mind, resulting in a better more user-friendly interface. Between Android and iOs operating systems are two different programming languages. We have talented and experienced developers all fluent with Objective-C/Swift used in iOs and Java for Android.

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