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Be Unique group Events is our new, 360o events management service that offers comprehensive, innovative and out of the box event production solutions for your brand. Our several years of experience working with brands through our digital marketing services gives us the leverage and industry insight to provide efficient and creative events management service for your business.

Our team of creative professionals is committed to helping you achieve your objectives by delivering your message in a fresh, vibrant, timely, relevant and clear communication strategies. Apart from helping our clients create, produce, and carry out effectual marketing events, we assist them in creating value, awareness, and recognition for their brand.

Elevating Your Guest’s Experience

You don’t want your event to just be another humdrum gathering. Create an impactful event through unforgettable experiences- specifically tailored to their preferences. The most effective way of having your brand resonate and felt is through experience.

This helps you effectively engage with your guests and deliver your message in the best way possible. We understand how pivotal technology can be in harnessing the power of brand experience, and we take it to the next level by implementing innovative and creative, interactive and invigorating experiences.

To achieve the highest level of experience, our team takes into account your guests/ attendees’ demographics. We make sure that our plans align with your goals and objectives and leverage on the local scene’s most attractive venues and attractions. Overall, we take your business on the ride, encouraging you to be creative in the planning process as well.

Exceptional Government Events

We have been working with government agencies in the UAE for a long time and have a dedicated government events team to work with your requirements. Our team understands the level of care, detail, sensitivity, and attention when working with campaigns and events for government entities.

From establishing the goals and objectives, setting up a budget, choosing the appropriate theme, securing the right sponsors, creating compelling pre-event marketing and advertising campaigns, to execution; we closely involve respected government clients during the process. This ensures that we understand their vision and help them achieve the best outcome that can be beneficial to their goals with utmost confidence and esteem.

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE)


MICE events can be daunting and overwhelming even in the most capable hands. Spearheading these events requires meticulous planning and a keen eye to detail- qualities our talented team are proud to have. Whether you are planning to have large-scale meetings, company incentives, conferences, or exhibitions, each event requires unique needs depending on the goal you want to achieve and we customize your events accordingly.

We harness our already effective digital marketing capabilities to build your event’s momentum and leverage on digital utilization to ensure your event is seen and heard. Our talented team of innovators and out of the box thinkers make sure to capture your attendees’ attention by providing effective and conducive venues and creative spaces for maximum engagement and participation. This results in unforgettable events that are impactful.


Meetings serve the purpose of bringing together people towards a common purpose. One challenge that organizers face is maintaining a team’s focus and steering away from a boring and non-interactive meeting resulting in counterproductive discussions and unfruitful meetings.

Our team focuses on seeing to it that your message is clear and delivered so your attendees can be engaged resulting in an outstanding experience. The most effective meetings have attendees leaving with the feeling of having their sentiments heard, values understood and optimistic about discussed plans and agreed discussions.

Ultimately, the right planning can make a huge difference in conducting your meetings. Our team will walk you through how your meetings should be run to provide you the best choices when making pivotal decisions such us which venue you to use.

Corporate Events – Incentives

Corporate events or company incentive programs are the best way to motivate a team, encourage collaboration, foster stronger relationships and most of all, boost company morale. Apart from this, the best corporate incentive programs are measured with outcomes. Beyond taking care of our employees’ experience, we organize the most strategic team building activities that are comprehensive, fun, engaging, and memorable. Our team is equipped with the right resources to transform your company outing into an impactful learning experience.

Our team will help you realize and clearly define your goals, whether it is to drive your sales, or keeping your team stay ahead of your competition. We will ensure to align your company goals in planning an effective incentive program that will propel your business success to the next level. We will help you develop, craft, and implement an incentive program that will help you reach your desired results.


A lot of creative processes are in place when planning the perfect exhibition. It is important for your brand to be showcased in the best way possible. After all, more than anything, your exhibition can have a significant effect on your business in the long run. It is the perfect opportunity to let your brand be known while establishing connections within your industry. It is also the ideal time and occasion to pique the interest of future investors and customers. Impeccable execution is crucial and our team comes in to give you just that.

We help you develop your story and take your prospects into a journey leaving them with

Your brand in mind. Each brand is unique and there is no one-solution-fits-all when it comes to executing exhibitions. Depending on your objectives, we work around your goals and see to it that they are met at the end of the day. To provide an invaluable depth of experience and drive traffic to your exhibition booth, we combine a strategy based on tradition and technology-harnessing the power of interactive media. We will augment your audience reach through compelling marketing strategies that ensure your brand is seen and heard.

Smart Event Planning

Without a firm framework, events would just be another place harboring a sea of people. While setting your goal can be a walk in the park, taking the necessary steps to put it to reality can be challenging especially when you do not know when or how to start. Creating a solid structure by means of thorough and thoughtful planning is essential. Smart event planning ensures that your event is specific, measurable, goals attainable, relevant, and timely. It also puts your goals in a much clearer perspective- giving you the opportunity to refocus your efforts and drive your brand to success.

With smart event planning, you get to measure your goals. We will provide you with access to data that shows how much of your goal is achieved and what areas need to be improved. Ideally, your objectives should not only be answered by simply yes/no but should allow a number of different outcomes. This means instead of focusing on a vague and general goal of simply raising your revenue or improving your sales performance, we help quantify it and shift your focus on specific goals- such as driving a 75% increase in revenue compared to last year or a 20% increase in sales performance.

Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years? Carve yourself a place in your industry through smart, measurable, and effectual event execution with us at Be Unique Group!

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