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What It’s Like Working With The Best SEO Agency in Dubai: Our Digital Marketing Approach for Invisalign Center

invisalign center SEO Agency in Dubai

We are a family of devoted industry experts at Be Unique Group, working together to achieve maximum results for our clients. We work to make the most of the online platform while maintaining our clients’ beliefs and interests. To do this, we have various cutting-edge services at our disposal, including website design and development, PPC management (Google AdWords), SEO, and much more.

We have tailored and customized solutions for each of our client’s digital marketing needs. But in this article, we’ll highlight our partner – the Invisalign Center, and our approaches towards making them one of the top-ranked and most visited websites in Google.

Invisalign Center’s Company Overview

The statistics for Invisalign speak for themselves. Since its introduction in the United States in 1997, Invisalign has increased the confidence and self-esteem of more than 14 million individuals worldwide with the smile they’ve always dreamed of. The Invisalign Center is conveniently situated on Jumeirah Beach Road in the heart of Dubai and is the first devoted Invisalign Center in the region.

Patients with a range of dental misalignments can receive individualized Invisalign treatments from The Invisalign Center. Every case is different, so they ensure you get the best care possible so you may smile with confidence. You can envision your course of action and desired outcome before your therapy even begins by using their cutting-edge 3D software.

What are our goals for Invisalign Center?

As a newly established center, one of our goals is to promote Invisalign treatment, drive organic traffic to their website, and increase overall sales.

What are some of our digital marketing approaches for Invisalign Center?

With more than 5,000+ people looking for “Invisalign” treatment online and many competing clinics in Dubai and the nearby region, our main goal is to rank at the top of all search results for “Invisalign,” “Braces,” and “Invisible Braces,” related keywords. Our initial goal is to reach out to everyone specifically looking for Invisalign services to establish Invisalign Center as the top institution.

The next stage is to convert clients who have problems with their teeth’s alignment and spacing but haven’t heard of the procedure or aren’t actively looking for it. Our goal was to increase both consultations and direct sales by selecting a suitable demographic and persuading them to come in for a free initial consultation with the experts at the Invisalign center.

What are the results of our marketing efforts for Invisalign Center?

With our highly-dedicated and expert team, our cutting-edge web technologies, and proven years of experience in the marketing and sales industry, we were able to achieve our goals for Invisalign Center. The results of our marketing efforts include ranking #1 across GCC for “Invisalign” and “Invisalign Treatment” keywords on Google and achieving website traffic at over 10,000+ visitors monthly in English & Arabic languages primarily, growing from zero to 4,000+ followers on Facebook & 11,000+ followers on Instagram, and lastly, revenue growth from a recently established clinic to a self-sustaining referring center.

What it’s like working with us

Being the leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, we strive to exceed client expectations every day. With 34 years of digital marketing excellence, we are Dubai’s most trusted digital company. Through extensive training, we want our team of expert professionals, to be recognized as experts in their disciplines.

Like Invisalign Center, we take an all-encompassing, comprehensive approach to each client’s campaign. We are able to discern the requirements of your brand, and we implement a procedure to meet those requirements. Our results are outstanding, and because we consistently go above and beyond for our clients, they become our lifelong partners.

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