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Angela Soudi

Top 8 Tips for Recruiting Best Talents for Sales

September 22, 2020

Head of Hospitality

Angela Soudi

Head of Hospitality

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Talented salespeople are the backbone of any business or organization, as they help to increase a business’s profit and push its products and services out towards a wider audience. However, hiring such sales talents is not always a straightforward procedure – it takes time, effort and expertise to find the best, dynamic, enthusiastic and effective salespeople around. It is very important to hire such a skilled sales team because only they can deliver profitable revenue which is critical for customer satisfaction. Many CEOs and sales managers have said that best salespeople are impossible to find, but still some organizations or businesses consistently hire them anyway – – it’s why they increase their profits year after year — by convincing the best of the best to work for them.

So, how do they recruit the best talents for sales? Are there any tips or strategies that an organization should follow?

Yes, to choose and recruit the best people for sales, you should follow the right hiring strategy and a hands-on approach to ensure you employ the best. You need to know where to find them, how to attract them to your company and how to make sure that they are the right people for your company and job because you need to make your company grow and hit new profitability benchmarks.

Consider these 8 tips for recruiting the best talents for sales:

1. Choose Different Mediums To Recruit

Instead of relying on one source for recruiting, choose different platforms for publishing sales recruiting ads where salespeople would be more available. Consider posting vacancies on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, conduct job fairs, publish ads on newspapers or announce on online recruiters. Companies can also tie-up with a few recruitment agencies that have a long and rich experience in sourcing manpower for the marketing and sales departments of various niche industries.

As an employer, advertising your job listings on global or region-specific job search sites is also a great idea because most job seekers rely on such sites for finding potential career opportunities around them. It is also a great opportunity to get yourself noticed because with relevant job listings you can increase your online exposure.

2. Focus on Skills than Experience



Even though sales experience and related education are two key factors for sales and marketing jobs, skill sets and the ability to sell matters more. The candidate must be capable of getting things done in a short time. Test their skills during the interview by providing a chance to pitch on any product or company and see how good they are at presenting a product. Note that a bold and good communicator who could handle objections is likely to be a great sales development representative, regardless of what background he/she is.

3. Take References From Top-Performing Sales Candidates

Experienced and talented salespeople will probably know other great salespeople.  Incentivize your employees to refer to other sales talents with similar profiles. Offer high cash rewards for such referral hire so that they, too, will assist you in getting the right talent. Such internal referral programs are of greater help than just publishing job posts.

4. Build Your Brand Online

Many possible employees assess the brand online before applying or accepting a job offer. Take efforts to position your company as a leader in the market. Consider search engine optimization and content marketing to boost your brand awareness, as top salespeople will be interested in working for industry leaders or growing companies that are expected to dominate the sector.

5. Ask Potential Interview Questions

Interview is a common process of any job recruiting, but then while recruiting for a sales talent, don’t waste time interviewing to know his/her personality, rather ask questions that is meant to ask for a salesperson such as:

1. What do you think is the greatest sales achievement you have won?

2. What a number of hours do you typically work in a day?

3. What if you are forced to sell products that you do not actually trust in passionately?

From the answer to such questions, you can know if the candidate is good at sales at the same time, it will also reveal their personality too.

Also, make sure that your hiring process is quick and fast. Taking weeks or months to fill up your positions is not an ideal way to hire a salesperson. It is also found that quick recruiting sessions can help employers grow their sales teams quickly without sacrificing quality.

6. Let Your HR Know The Right Requirement


Make your HR team understand the talent you are actually looking for. Once they understand your requirements, they can more effectively do the job. Explain to them the selling experience needed for the role and the candidate chosen must be a team player and can meet their sales targets. HR teams can develop attractive compensation and individual development plans to hire the right sales team.

7. Consider Recruiting On An Ongoing Basis

Never wait to hire till salespeople leave. Waiting for replacing the lost talent may not work as you might think. Delay in hiring the right people can lead to great losses for your company. In such cases, you may have to compromise in hiring the people they get rather than the required ones. Make sure you check all the resumes you get on your website and record them and track their past sales results so that you can hire them at any time.

8. Find Recruiters That Specialize In Your Industry

Recruiters help an organization or business from saving their time and energy in finding the right candidates for the sales team. So, find recruiters that specialize in your industry, because,  if they know more about how your industry works and what you are expecting it would make a great difference when finding new talent for your company.

If you’re having trouble assembling a team of superstar salespeople, you may want to re-evaluate your recruiting strategy with the above-mentioned tips or partner with an experienced recruiting agency who can help you in recruiting a suitable sales candidate to grow your business and revenue. 

Angela Soudi

Head of Hospitality

Angela Soudi is a visionary writer with 20+ years of experience in Sales and Marketing across Europe, Canada, and the Middle East. She is highly invested in actively contributing articles to pioneering hospitality platforms and websites.

Angela Soudi

Head of Hospitality
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