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Reach The Audience Who Never Got A Chance To Click With Google Ads

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Google Adwords ManagementServices

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Have you had ads following you? Even stalking you? This happens when you click on an ad, have a read through, but eventually decide you don’t want to purchase, and leave. Stalking a visitor who left for a reason unbeknownst to you, may do the trick. If they clicked on the ad it is because they were intrigued by it in the first place. Why they left, you don’t know, and there is no way of finding out. However, the PPC Company can continue to have the ad pop up so that their interest is once gain piqued until they decide to purchase the product.

The majority of visitors who make it to your site do not purchase. They don’t sign up, download the free demo or purchase anything. Does this sound depressing? Yes, it does. There’s nothing wrong with this. What goes wrong is if you just let this be. You need to re-market your product or service to the very people who showed an interest to begin with. Most businesses let prospects disappear. These are people who may change their minds later on and buy your product. It’s a shame if you let them out of your sight.

Re-marketing is presenting your ad to people who have already seen it. This means your offer needs a little more planning and research. You can use re-marketing tactics to remind prospects about a free trial, highlight the benefits they may have missed out on, increase the discount offer or show the ad with an expiring soon date.

Don’t re-market your campaign without image ads. Image ads may take a little more time, but they are important to your efforts at re-marketing your campaign. If you are displaying your Google ads on the Google Display Network, it will be good for your image ads. This means there is potential you haven’t already explored. In addition, people seem to prefer images over text in most circumstances. Re-marketing depends on recognizing and if your Google ad is not recognized the second time around, all your efforts are in vain. Images are critical to highlight benefits and show prospects what they are missing out on.

How do you stalk your prospects? Google Adwords allows you to separate customers by the pages they have visited or the actions they have taken. What do the views and actions tell you about the prospects themselves? Whether they have visited a specific product, had a look at pricing, visited the resources page or looked at the email subscription you need to make your message more pervasive and effective depending on which page was clicked on.

Each of these groups can be shown a different ad. If someone checked out during the checkout process, avoid showing them the same generic ad. You can adjust the ad to offer more for each target group, which will make them more likely to convert.

Re-marketing allows you to give an extra nudge to people who checked out or abandoned their shopping cart. This is smart marketing. These are the people who need an extra push to change their minds.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Google Adwords ManagementServices
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