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BLOG December 4, 2017

Re-targeting Strategies For Hot Prospects

Hot prospects signal to an audience that began the buying process but for some reasons backed out at the last minute. It is entirely possible that half way through they changed their minds. It is also possible they simply got distracted but was quite tempted by your offer. Statistics indicate that the usual attention span of a buyer amounts to 5 seconds, so this is all the time you have to pick up customers.

If you are looking to get back these lost customers here are some proven strategies.

Remember, every audience does not have the same kind of people with a similar personality and intent. They are all different people with different intents, awareness levels and buyer personalities. There are competitive buyers, impulsive buyers, process-driven, logic-based, slow and structured decision makers. There are also people who just go with their heart. So you need a different message for different types of people, a generic message won’t do.

Testimonial videos provide authentic proof of your product. It helps people believe your product is capable of doing exactly what it says, and gives the notion that it might do the same for them. These videos must be organic and natural, do not over-produce them. If it appears too polished or perfect people might not find them credible.

Perhaps you need to nudge your prospects a little. The best way to do this is to offer a deal or incentive. People love to buy discounted items, so there is nothing like an incentive to make your customer feel tempted. For instance, you can say, get 25% off if you purchase in the next 24 hours.

Another effective strategy is to sell a similar product. This is commonly referred to as cross-sell. May be you piqued the interest of your customer but the item wasn’t right. If you have similar products this may be a good time to make your prospects aware of them. You can showcase ads with similar products. This is just to get the engine running, you need that initial sale. Once they buy from you, you can be certain they will be happy to buy from you again.

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