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High Converting Websites. What’s The Psychology Behind It?

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesWebsites Design & Development

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You want high conversion rates? Then you need to do some deep conversion planning. What you need to understand are not new techniques, instead how psychology plays a role in the user converting or not converting. Also remember, what works for website A will not work for website B, therefore, applying the same technique or strategy will not get you anywhere.

First understand the value of your product or service. Users generally care about themselves, if you think they care too much about things around them you are mistaken. You need to cater to the unique needs of the user. Why do they visit your website? They are thinking about their wants and needs, this is it. They are not your mother who wants to make sure you are doing ok, and to see if your conversion rate is increasing. What you need to do is to make the user feel your product or service will serve them better, improve their lives and make everything a whole lot nicer than before. A web design company will help convey the value of your product or service with an eye catching headline and visually appealing image.

Send a good email. You may have seen your inbox inundated in the past with emails galore, and you wouldn’t bother to read most of them. Send out an email you are certain your user would read. Make the headline short and catchy, address the real need in the headline, do your research and understand what the user wants.

Your website should have a smooth and cognitive flow. Many websites have a traffic jam. Avoid roadblocks, u-turns and detours. The user should be able to look at what is in front of them and click, and this is all they need to do to convert. You don’t have to put too many psychological twists and turns, this will only confuse them. A good flowing website has the following characteristics;

– It has white spaces to rest your eyes. It has minimal clutter so the user can focus on what is right there.

– Avoid large columns, divisions and fences. Don’t create extra elements and add competition for yourself.

– Be simple with the overall design. All you need is an intuitive message on the page, smooth and polished.

Don’t talk about the solution, users are not interested in any of it. Instead, talk about the benefits of your product or service. This is rooted in deep psychology. People want to be understood and cared for, and your business can gain advantage over your competitors if you put these emotions into play. Sell the benefit not the product, this is a compelling narrative for the user to buy something from you. Discuss the benefit prior to selling the product.


Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesWebsites Design & Development
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