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Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Marketing On InstagramServices

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Social media has become a phenomenal tool for marketers to use as brand communication. It is quick, affordable and a fantastic way to engage your audience. With Facebook long been established as an effective platform for businesses to lure in customers, there didn’t seem to be a rival or a similar platform until Instagram broke all boundaries. Instagram with its buy now buttons have become a paradise for advertisers everywhere.

How can ambitious brands use Instagram advertising to leverage its power and achieve impressive results?

Instagram has become the fastest growing social media platform and it is obvious for advertisers and marketers that Instagram has achieved user growth which is 3 times more than Facebook in the last 2 years. For new businesses looking for opportunities to find a breakthrough and get to your target audience, Instagram offers a quick and effective way to reach new social opportunities. Instagram has received unofficial endorsements from celebrities around the world that has made it one of the most attractive platforms for businesses ventures everywhere. It has become a success literally overnight. It offers businesses an unrivaled chance to find a target audience.

Some of the bigger brands have caught onto Instagram celebrity success. For instance, Nike and Starbucks have made the platform their newest way to reach people across the demographic and outside of it. As much as the bigger names are seeing massive success through Instagram advertising, the smaller brands too are seeing potential opportunities. Explore the infographics and you will see different hashtags attract audiences from around the world. There is a trend setting hashtag phenomenon happening right now, which happens nowhere else. Another great thing about being on Instagram is it seems Instagram users are the most active lot. It may be because it targets a younger and more dynamic audience. Furthermore, brands are starting to incorporate Instagram marketing as part of the overall social media strategy.

Are you surprises photos have a more engaged audience than videos? Statistics reveal photo engagement isn’t likely to lag anytime soon. Instagram is a safe and efficient platform above anything else. Marketers have an in-depth understanding of how Instagram works. For instance, colours such as blue, yellow and green are the most eye-catching. And the most eye catching posts are presented as a question or offer an in-depth description.

All this points to brand consistency, and if you would like to build brand consistency it is time to think of Instagram as part of your social media marketing platform.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Marketing On InstagramServices
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