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Ali Soudi

A Guide To Getting SEO Done In 4 Steps. A Minimalist View

October 27, 2017

 - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

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Everyone talks about search engine optimization, but to do it you have to learn it. You are not sure where to start and you may end up making a mess unless you know which direction to go in. From link architecture, backlinks to keyword densities, do you even have time to do it? You may be a marketer and not have the right experience, a SEO agency on the other hand can take over the job.


Would you like to know a secret? You can get results from minimal SEO including potential leads, customers and interested parties. Despite the odds of thinking SEO marketing requires hard work and dedication, it can be done quickly if you do it the right way.


Target your audience

There are super popular keywords that you may not be able to rank for, but you can rank for people who are looking for you and end up on top of search engines. There are interested parties who may have heard about your products or services and the company and would like to get in touch with you. Or, may be potential customers met you somewhere or they saw your product and want more information. In such instances, they do an active search for your company which means the keywords they use are all unique. Unique keywords will give you a first page ranking.


Optimize title tags

In case you are wondering, title tags are titles on the page. You may think they are unimportant but they do factor in when it comes to SEO marketing. How to do make your title tags standout? You can include descriptive phrases and one keyword to tell visitors all about your page. If you specialize in real estate, for instance, instead of using general terms such as real estate homes or real state finders, be more specific. Mention the locations so people in the area know what is on offer.


Optimize for file names

As much as title tags are important, pay attention to file names on web pages and images. If you are optimizing for the manager of your company use their name to save the photo, also keep it short. Not everyone has the time to read through long descriptive slogans. Use hyphens, they are friendly separators and will keep your words from looking all mashed up.


Optimize your content

You need to optimize your content throughout the page. Don’t go overboard with it, while you may capture the attention of Google you will soon lose the interest of people. Heavy handed SEO marketing and awkward phrasing will turn people off.


Remember, to have any effect on traffic your focus should be on people, not simply search engines. The first point of contact is potential visitors. You should have an interesting and unique pitch to encourage visitors to come to your site. The texts needs to be rich that get people thinking, yes I want to check this website out.


Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing

is a Google Certified Digital Marketer with 10+ years of industry experience. He is a prolific writer on business-related topics, regularly contributing articles to leading digital marketing and business websites.

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
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