BLOG July 19, 2017

How Can You Double Your E-Commerce Sales With An Effective SEO Strategy

When marketers hear they can double e-commerce sales, many of them are skeptical. Does it sound unrealistic? However, generating more traffic and boosting conversions can be doubled if you follow a simple yet effective strategy.

If you have out-of-stock items, leave them up. Don’t hide, delete or replace them. Avoid adding products over them or redirecting users to another page. You can offer alternative items, for instance. You products may be sold out but offering similar and highly relevant products will do the trick. You can offer products of the same colour, newer versions or models and other products that match in price and quality from the same category. What you are doing here is offering great customer service and your customers will appreciate the effort you’ve put into making them feel less disheartened that the product they wanted to purchase is out. Remember to inform the user on when the product will be back in stock. You can also provide consolation when the new stock arrives by giving a discounted rate.

Do you have seasonal products? What do you do with them once the season has come and gone? Seasonal products can be linked to the main product category pages. When optimizing your product pages use the ones with the biggest potential. You can offer discounts and special offers on your seasonal products to make it seem more enticing to users.

What about new products? How do you handle SEO for these? In order to rank new products you need good website structure, information architecture and internal link architecture. Link categories not just from the product page but also from the home page. You can also link new products to the parent category page. Your new products should be mainly visible on the home page, a SEO agency will optimize them so that they get found and indexed.

How do you deal with product pages with almost no content? Many marketers pull content directly from the database which can lead to duplicate content. Some products have only a photo page and no content to accompany it. The search engines do not understand what the page is all about and may not index it for users to find it. It is essential you add content for the more popular products, you can also add user generated content, reviews from happy customers, links on social media and endorsements, if any.

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