BLOG September 18, 2017

A Deep Look Into How Facebook Advertising Works

If you are a regular Facebook user you may wonder whether anyone clicks on those Facebook ads. You couldn’t be more mistaken. Facebook ads generate $4 billion in revenue which leads to the next question. You would certainly like to have a piece of the pie, it seems large enough to go around. How can you get people to click on your ads? Even more so, how do you get people to purchase from you? You need some answers and a deep dive into Facebook will get you there. Learn what mistakes to avoid and how to run a successful campaign.

Facebook ads have multi-purpose features and serve different types of goals. They can be used to promote page posts, direct certain actions, boost your website or promote the page itself. Users are targeted based on location, demographic and other profile information. These are unique and exclusive targeting options that only Facebook marketing will offer. You design an ad, allocate a budget and hope people start clicking.

Oftentimes marketers advertise on Facebook but nothing seems to come out of it. Sales are minimal, if at all. This means not every business can profit from Facebook ads. You have to first determine if Facebook platform will do any good for your business at all. If you have tried different techniques to no avail, it is time to look at other social media marketing options. Facebook ads are suitable to generate demand, not to fulfill it. Remember, people mostly come on Facebook to connect to other people, not to sit for hours on end buying things.

Businesses that seem to profit from Facebook ads give their followers some space. They do not ask customers to immediately buy things on the spot. They start with a simple subscribe, sign up or survey. This is a getting to know period. The conversion process is considerably low-friction. You must realize that not everyone who visits your site was planning to buy something in the first place. Once your followers have taken the lead with simple conversions you can upsell your products and services later.

Many marketers target broad and sizable groups which is a big mistake. Rather than look at broad and scattered interests, focus on specifics interests of your audience. This lets you approach an audience that may already be interested or excited about your product or service. Facebook marketing may be a trial and error process for you but it still remains one of the most effective ways to market your product or service. Use powerful images, low friction conversion and you will find soaring success that is here to stay with Facebook ads.

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