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Ali Soudi

Top Ways To Use Instagram Videos For Your Business

April 6, 2017

 - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Marketing On InstagramServices

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Instagram an already powerful photo sharing platform unveiled a video feature in 2013. It transformed this platform into a multimedia phenomenon. Add to that Instagram has ease of sharing with the likes of Twitter and Facebook giving marketers a bright future to take advantage of this ease of sharing networks and reaching your community online.

Although many people think it is, Instagram video is not similar to the Twitter Vine app. In fact, Instagram video contains features that have more effective capabilities. The video can be offered up to 15 seconds, whereas the Vine is just for 6 seconds. You can delete a segment from the Instagram video. Instagram also has a bigger audience, nearly 400 million people while Vine has 40 million. You can also scroll through and pick the best cover for your Instagram video. With existing features such as these, it is no wonder marketers can take advantage of Instagram marketing videos to benefit your business.

Shoot a video, answer FAQs
Instead of writing down the answers to the FAQ, why not shoot a video of it. Shoot a how to do video of answering your customers questions quickly. What are the most asked questions, address them in the video. An example of a question can be how to set up the product? You can show a video segment of a step by step installation to offer your customers additional information.

Make your portfolio visual using Instagram video, 15 seconds can communicate a lot of things. The main thing is it has visual appeal, something you may need 500 written words to do. If you are a coffee shop you can showcase your best made coffee, in the case of a salon, the latest haircut.

Highlight special offers
Use Instagram videos to showcase special offers and events. Promote offers and giveaways through video. You can also add a personal message. A video can make an impersonal message seem more personal because you are actually watching the person say it, instead of reading something. This is what customers crave for, a human touch to make the brand seem more relatable.

Invite your audience to submit a hiring pitch, enter a contest or promote a live event. Your audience can submit their own Instagram videos using popular hashtags. This can be a great way to engage them and get them involved in your work.

Brands need to be humanized. Unlike two decades ago, when there was a chasm between brands and its customers, social media has changed the dynamic of this landscape greatly. No longer can brands be isolated from the audience, Instagram advertising videos can help you connect to your audience, and be more open and transparent.

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing

is a Google Certified Digital Marketer with 10+ years of industry experience. He is a prolific writer on business-related topics, regularly contributing articles to leading digital marketing and business websites.

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Marketing On InstagramServices
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