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The core goal of Facebook advertising in Dubai is to increase leads and sales. We offer businesses that do not have the resources to set-up Facebook advertising, set-up and management. We aim to offer all the Facebook advertising help your business needs to get rolling off the ground. This is not a one time set-up; in fact, we predict we can maintain your Facebook account for months, even years to come. This gives you a hands-free approach to focus on various aspects of your business and let us control your social media platforms for better growth and higher success.

Our Facebook Advertising Process

Our dedicated marketing experts will manage your Facebook marketing campaign while you focus on operating an incredible business.

  • Phase 1
    Understanding Your Business
  • Phase 2
    Setting Up Your Facebook Account
  • Phase 3
    Social Marketing
  • Phase 4
    Execute Strategy
  • Phase 5
    Monitor & Adjust

Understanding Your Business

First, we will take the time to understand your business, its vision and values. Your Facebook page should be an honest reflection of who you are and how your business wants to interacts with its audience.

Analysis of Facebook goals

We will analyze your business goals in relation to Facebook goals. Your Facebook platform should reflect your business in an effective manner. Upon first seeing it, users should be able to understand what is on offer.

Analysis of Competition

We will analyze your competitor’s Facebook page to determine how much better and more effective we can make yours.

Setting Up Your Facebook Account

We will set-up your account and post ads on the newsfeed. Our goal is to engage with as many followers, be it pre-existing followers or new audiences that you may not have initially targeted.

Reporting & Evaluation

We will regularly evaluate and report our findings, improvements and successes.


We will also review your Facebook page performance to ensure it is on the right track, and performing the way you would want it.

Social Marketing

We will market your Facebook page to reach new audiences who may be interested in your business. We will track down follower’s profiles, their likes, inclinations, time online and other intimate details to know how we should strategize to bring them to the fold.


Videos posted on your Facebook page will be aligned to your business. We may ask you to help us post a behind the scenes video. Audiences usually enjoy candid moments.


The content will be unique, authentic and real. It will be of the highest standard, making it a compelling read-through for followers everywhere.

Execute Strategy

Our strategy will be crafted to suit your business goals. It will be personalized and unique to your company.

Engage Followers

We will use engaging methods to attract followers, whether it is be in the form of giveaways, prizes or contests.

Document Sharing

Getting users to share their views, thoughts and opinions make them feel valued. We too will help you share your moments with users to make the communication process that much more intimate and real!

Monitor & Adjust

We will continue to monitor your Facebook campaign and make necessary adjustments and changes as necessary.


We offer a result-driven campaign and provide real-time statistics to show its success.

Continued Support

We will provide continued support if you want us to be involved in your Facebook page after its initial setup and development.

Our Facebook Advertising Results

The goal is to build a Facebook platform that converts prospects into customers, and we at Be Unique hope to achieve just this. We run a result driven campaign, and so far we have exceeded the expectations of all our clients.

  • Be Unique Group
  • Be Unique Group
Be Unique Client - Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese's

On our month long campaign last September 2016, we used Facebook Ads to reach our target audience and influence the bookings for the birthday parties. The campaign helped us optimize ad spend and and impacted almost 40% of new bookings for our 2 branches.
  • We received 225 inquiries for bookings.
  • Reached almost 35,000 Facebook users.
  • $.089 cost per inquiry received.
  • 130 Page likes attributed to the ad.
Be Unique Client Case Study

Gem Jump

The Gem Jump Ice Spire Campaign is a global tournament that run on the fun wall social gaming platform which allows gamers to participate in multiplayer tournaments with other gamers in any public location, in this case the Cali Burger locations in UAE. The campaign have resulted in:
  • Nearly 300 app downloads in less than 2 weeks.
  • 700 new visitors on the landing page attributed to the ad.
  • With 37% conversion rate.
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Be Unique Client in Dubai - Invisalign Center
Dubai Police
Dubai Police
chucke cheeses
chucke cheeses

Our Team

We’re a closely knitted family.

Our team brings a wealth of experience from the world’s most formidable industries. We all have one common goal. – Bringing “SMILES” to our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should Be Unique manager my Facebook Account?

Be Unique is singularly qualified and has managed numerous Facebook advertising campaigns. We have a proven performance and methodology which will save you time and money otherwise spent on attempting to figure out the best practices. Our goal is to implement successful practices to get your Facebook account off the ground.

Where should traffic be directed from Facebook ads in Dubai?

Traffic will be directed to internal Facebook pages and external websites. We will ensure all actions on your Facebook is kept track of, and will direct users to your website in order to subscribe, fill out a form or make a purchase.

Can I track my ROI?

The conversion tracking code on Facebook can be used to track return on investment and the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. It will track the number of people that clicked on your ad, and visitors navigating your website on a daily basis. Also, leads, sales and revenue too can be tracked with the conversion tracking code.

How will you target my Facebook ads in Dubai?

The biggest strength seen coming out of Facebook is how granular its approach is when targeting an audience. Our goal is to bring in the target demographic to your doorstep. We can target users according to age, gender, location, relationship status, interests and even language. Facebook is one of the easiest ways to reach out to an audience that may even be out of your grasp. We make this process effective and a success for your business.

Tell me about direct response ads?

Direct response ads are showcased as display ads on Facebook. Direct response ads can be used in numerous ways to generate leads and bring about conversions. We believe it is a powerful Facebook tool and one that can be used to benefit your business. We also use CRM lists, email lists and custom audiences that may have purchased on previous occasion to create an audience with the right demographic for your business.

Will I know which device my users use and convert on?

Be Unique has the expertise and ability to optimize your Facebook advertising campaign to whichever device your potential customers are on. We will track them through the marketing funnel, and we are masters at Google Analytics so you can be certain we will give you accurate and timely data from beginning to end.


1. What areas can I use to target my Facebook audience?

You can target people on education, location, work, financial net worth, ethnic affinity, life events, business & industry, entertainment, political and social issues and so much more.

2. Who are the users I should target?

We will get your business noticed by placing ads on the newsfeed. We can target mobile users by promoting ads on newsfeed in mobile devices. Different methods can be used to get likes. We will determine which format works best for your business.

3. What is the difference between promoted post and ad?

An ad has limited characters (90 to be exact) with the purpose to receive more likes and drive people to your site. The ad can be placed on the newsfeed. A promoted post is a typical Facebook ad. It is usually to boost the post so that it appears in other people’s newsfeed. There is no limit to text and it can be accompanied by an image.

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    Speak To Our Facebook Specialists Today

    Talk with one of our certified marketing professionals about how to get more out of your marketing online.

      Speak To Our Specialists Today

      Talk with one of our certified marketing professionals about how to get more out of your marketing online.

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