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BLOG June 7, 2017

Facebook Likes, Is It all It is Made Out To Be?

Social media marketers are driven by a passion to increase Facebook likes. All else is forgotten, and the only thing they can think of is to accumulate more likes. Is it as important as it is made out to be? May be it is, but not to the extent some marketers think it is. Let’s explore Facebook advertising date to find out more.

Let’s be clear, Facebook is important. It has more than 1.2 billion active users as of today and its sheer size makes it the biggest social media platform for businesses of all sizes and levels. What do the like levels on your Facebook page have to do with the conversions you receive? Think about it, in this massive universe you get a few likes, will that make a sizeable difference? It doesn’t necessarily mean you will form an ongoing connection or business partnership each time you receive a like from a follower. In some cases, you will, but mere likes will not lead to a loyal base of customers.

Facebook likes are not directly correlated to business engagement, what is correlated is engagement itself. You may have 1,000 likes on your Facebook page, but out of these 900 don’t do anything, they just scroll through your page and forget about it a while later. If you are looking for high quality leads that will eventually convert and bring revenue to your company, likes is not the place to start.

While it is certainly a boost to have thousands of likes, it may work well for your business to have half of those likes and instead have a few hundred buying customers. What you need to do is to engage. Engage with your target audience and provide a platform for interaction. Generate conversations, talk to your followers and listen to them. Make them feel heard, inquire about them, understand their likes and dislikes and build a community.

Stick to Facebook, don’t ever give up. At the same time, don’t spend too many resources on just acquiring likes. There is so much more to Facebook than having more likes than the next person.  Focus on engaging with followers and building trust and credibility. The more your followers trust you, the more comfortable they will feel to purchase from you. This should be your ultimate goal in Facebook marketing.



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