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Does Website Structure Have An Impact On Ranking

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesWebsites Design & Development

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The better your website design structure, the higher it has the opportunity to rank in search engines. Usually, websites are structured, but to which extent is the question, and what makes the difference between a good website that succeeds and one that has visitors leaving within seconds. The structure should be rigorous or it may appear disorganized. If a web design company is intentionally careful with site structure it will achieve the standard of excellence search engine crawlers are looking for.

As much as businesses get excited about having their own website, not much attention is paid to web design structure. This is surprising to say the least. It seems some marketers do not seem to fully comprehend as to what it means to develop a user friendly, well structured website.

A great structure ensures a good user experience. It is not just about fonts, colours and graphics, web design and development is so much more and also hinges on putting together a site that is logically cognitive. Human brains look for balanced equilibrium. Thus, a logical structure is satisfying to the user experience. The more appealing users find your site, the more appealing search engines will also find it. For instance, if your site is well structured, visitors will stay on longer, reducing the bounce rate.

If the structure is good, your site will get good sitelinks. The more sitelinks your site collects, the more advantageous it is to SEO. Good site navigation increases relevant information that is directed to the user. This improves user trust and helps with increasing brand credibility and reputation. How does your site accumulate sitelinks? Websites are awarded with sitelinks by Google when algorithms are functioning well within the given disciplines.

The better the site structure, the better crawling done by search engines. Crawling helps index websites and returns them to search engines in order for it to be ranked appropriately. When your website is structured properly crawlers can find it easily and index the site.

Website structure is the result of intentional design and careful thinking. The structure should be well thought of and executed before the site itself. In the case of re-designing a website, a web design company can rework and reorganize the design and navigation to improve overall structural SEO. When optimizing a website there are many elements that need to be considered, including site structure. More often than not, site structure is ignored. This is an in-depth look at why great site structure will have great SEO.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesWebsites Design & Development
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