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BLOG June 13, 2017

Website Design Mistakes, How Do You Identify Them?

Website designs are not all about looking pretty. Web design generates leads and if your web design is not up to standard, it will affect the bottom line. How can you identify web design mistakes and correct them?

What captures a person’s attention on a website? Even more than the image itself? It is the headline. Big, bold headlines grab hold of the user and in most cases are a conversion tactic used by many businesses. Headlines are the first viewed thing on a website. If the headline is monotonous and boring, your visitors will flee within seconds. If it has the power to hold the user’s attention you may be able to get them to stay long enough to check out the call to action request. A picture can be flashy and provocative but a text will help determine if the site is worth staying on.

A web design company will make content marketing a bigger part of your overall marketing strategy. Did you know people usually glance or skim through the first few lines of a blog post, and if it is interesting enough they will continue to read it? Otherwise, they will move on. You should make the content about the reader. Content is aimed at holding the reader’s attention so talking about anything except for the reader makes no sense. You want the reader to learn something new, so write something that is compelling and interesting at the same time.

Do not give your readers too many options. Many websites make this simple yet highly detrimental mistake. Too many options confuse people and leave them distracted. Limit your choices, otherwise it is like asking your visitors to choose nothing. As much as many options increase a person’s interest, too many options also decrease the likelihood of them getting even one thing. Numerous options do not work. You may have more people looking at the products but fewer people actually buying it.

Use images with real people’s faces. This is said to captivate readers and visitors alike. It creates a line of sight that is irresistible and more often than not a human face is something we all gaze on and will follow with our own eyes.


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