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The Latest Trends in Web Design And Development

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Websites Design & Development

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What are the latest trends in web design and development that will define your product? Design has seen an amazing evolution in the last few years. It has shifted to a stage where designers swoop in and sprinkle magical fairy dust to gain competitive advantage in the digital world. One evolution has been the shift back towards content. People are back again to visiting websites to read up on the latest tweet storms, user generated memes and thought provoking long reads. With the focus on content growing every day, the approach to design is more minimalist.

Design is more influential than ever before in shaping businesses. More and more attention is paid to designers and developers, and their collaboration. Designer collaboration is part of the massive buildup in web and mobile applications. For example, Facebook, Google and Twitter require designers and developers to work together, be on the same page which means better communication and collaboration.

A web design company can design for mobile apps. This approach was first thought of in 2016 but is slowly becoming a crucial part of how effective your company is. Businesses are realizing the significance of mobile first approach and content is being designed to fit on a smaller screen. Smartphones and tablets have a significantly smaller screens compared to desktops and it forces businesses to do away with less than necessary information as it cannot be all crammed into a small screen.

Rapid prototyping tools are becoming a widespread utilization and useful breakthrough. This tool is a must have for UX designers. What is so great about rapid prototyping tools is it allows designers to gauge usability and aesthetic by creating prototypes of services and sites without writing a code. This has a functionality and ease of use to help save on resources, would be setbacks and precious hours. What’s also beneficial is the advantage for the client. No more showing your client mockups or explaining every subtle transition or animation. The client can see it in real-time, how it looks and works.

The mobile first approach and responsive design approach will determine how sites look and function today. With so much competition out there, brands cannot afford to take too many risks and are better off using tried and tested principles and patterns.

Illustrations are versatile and fantastic mediums to create visuals that are friendly, playful and cheerful. Illustrations have a personality of its own and can offer brands something different in a marketplace that is increasingly crowded. Illustrations offer a unique style that will set your brand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Websites Design & Development
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