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Do You Want To Increase Your ROI With Facebook?

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Marketing On Facebook

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Facebook is currently one of the most powerful and comprehensive ad platforms for businesses. Unfortunately, for those that think Facebook marketing ads don’t work are not yet embracing the incredible technology that is offered to them. The usual story goes like this; the business makes some Facebook ads, targets a specific audience and submits it. A few hundred dollars later, and a week gone by there is almost nothing to show in return. So the campaign stops, literally. The problem is you may be targeting too broad a group. And you need to tailor your ad to compliment the data from the store. Also, you cannot hit a homerun every time you post a Facebook ad. The first one may not necessarily work, even for large corporations that have plenty of money to throw into an advertising budget. That being said, you want to increase your ROI and we are here to help you do it.

Your Facebook advertising strategy needs tracking pixels. Do you know how this works? If you visited a particular website and saw an ad, later as you visited the Facebook page this same ad appears, it is almost like the ad is following you around. This is what tracking pixels do. You absolutely need it on your site. It is good analytics and is able to track the behaviour of your followers.

Once the tracking pixels have been put in place, you can create a targeted audience. This is where simple logic is useful; it is based on people’s on-site behaviour. Here are some ways you can segment people, for instance, people who fill up their cart but don’t buy, or the customers that actually buy. You can create an audience using external data, like from your email list. This data is then used by Facebook to find the correct user.

Run ads targeting custom audiences. This means your ads are incredibly targeted so you know who will view it. If the ad is for people who have a habit of abandoning their cart mid-way, you can offer a discount or freebie if they purchase something. This will help you get them back to continuing with their shopping cart.

You can also target a look-alike audience. They may not be in your exact custom audience but will have close similarities that you may be able to target some of them away to your side. There are people who may be incredibly similar to your target audience, and it is time you learn to benefit from them as well.

Create product ads by linking your product catalog to your Facebook ad account. You can now run personalized ads targeting individual customers every time they visit your site. If viewers have already expressed a desire in some of your products, you can create an ad format and offer them similar products to what they may have looked at previously or even purchased recently.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Marketing On Facebook
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