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BLOG November 27, 2017

Why Your Google AdWords Campaign Needs Social Proof

Today, unlike in the not too distant past marketers cannot display less than authentic Google AdWords campaigns. If the product is terrible or the customer service is lacking marketers will have a hard time finding success. Your customers are your biggest priority, you cannot mistreat them.

Google Plus is a social component that allows marketers to social proof and enhance an advertisement. If you want to integrate Google Plus into the AdWords account, on the very right of the Campaign tab, you will notice a button and a down arrow with it. When this button is clicked additional options of tab lists will open. You have to select Ad Extensions. Once you are on Ad Extensions, you can go to the drop-down list, View, and scroll until you appear to Social Extensions. You can now link your Google AdWords campaign to a Google Plus account.

So why does Google Plus matter and what can it do for your company? To begin with, when your business has a Google Plus account you can build a customer base through this account.  It will have a positive influence on both organic and paid results.

92% of people read online reviews. Most are not ready to part with their cash until they’ve read some solid reviews. Ratings can come from customers, peers and experts. You can share testimonials from customers, just ensure it is genuine and authentic. Consumers are smart and savvy and can spot a fake review from a mile off.

Aside from having a Google Plus account and adding reviews, businesses need to offer awesome products and outstanding customer service. It is no longer about driving traffic, this is not enough for a businesses looking for success and profits. A Google AdWords company will help provide a real customer experience, something memorable and unforgettable. Customer satisfaction should be number one on your list of priorities. Google Plus is your added bonus, it is social proof for customers to determine if your company is worth doing business with.

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