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Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

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Do you know that SEO and content go hand in hand? What you need are good SEO writing techniques. There’s no point in creating content if it is going to end up on page 40 of Google. Nobody is going to look at page 40. At the same time, your page 1 ranking will serve no purpose if you produce poor quality content that nobody wants to read. What you need is to strike a good balance. Your SEO agency will create high quality content that gets search engines to index them, and get people interested enough to read.

Here are top ways to create good content.

Plan your writing. Visualize your writing activity. Maintain consistency in publishing. Do not erratically publish content. People do not enjoy randomly published articles that have no relevance to your brand or business. Research your topics, find relevant keywords and write captivating headlines. It may take time for your content to attract visitors. However, if you continue to do it right, people will start reading.

What is the message you want to convey through your content? Have your SEO Company create outlines for your blogs, articles and web copy. This enables you to have a better structure for your content. This also helps you avoid fluff and fillers. Website visitors are smart nowadays, they would immediately catch fluff in your content were you to have it.

Write to appease to your audience. If you were the audience, would you want to read what you are producing right now? If the answer is NO, then you can believe no one else would want to read it either. Picture it, a prospect finds your site, scans the first two lines of your article and bounces. This is all it takes to lose a customer. The first two lines of an article need to pull a customer in so that they stay on the site to read the rest of it, instead of rushing off your website. It is not search engines that purchase your product or service, it is the people. And you need to optimize your content so that more and more people will read it.

Use keywords effectively. Most people do not understand how to incorporate keywords. Keywords can affect your website ranking. Don’t waste keywords by stuffing them into your content. At least one keyword needs to appear in your headline, and another one in your sub-heading.

Bring SEO to life by adding creative visuals. This is not writing, literally, however, images increase the meaning of your text and people are drawn to them. Your SEO can be boosted through images.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
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