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Why Quality Web Design Will Benefit Your Business

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesWebsites Design & Development

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Website design is an investment that is invaluable to businesses. However, not every business has the capacity or capability to put together an awesome and converting website structure. Would taking on a professional web design company make the difference? Let’s find out.

A professional web design company will consider the bigger picture. What you need is a consistent visual language, and this can be created to showcase across different contexts. For instance, it may be your website, logo, Twitter profile or Facebook page the message should be one of consistency. When your visual language is consistent, the impression it gives your visitors is memorable and long lasting.

You don’t want only clicks. As much as clicks are important, you need visitors to stay on your site and get to know you. This is the traditional way of doing business. Remember, it takes only 2.6 seconds for a person to decide whether he wants to stay or leave a website. This is all the time you have to make a difference. Hence, the need for a web development company to create an awesome website that will minimize the bounce rate. You need something special, something that makes your site standout in the crowd and keeps people’s attention on the business.

Your website cannot be good. It needs to be great. Good does not cut it anymore. There are countless sites that look similar, yours need to look distinctive. You cannot play it safe. Make the effort to make it special. Not that your site needs to look sparkly and glittery. Far from it. High quality means offering a unique selling point in a logically appealing and cohesive message.

Your web design needs to be aligned with the content on the site. You should avoid large fonts, small texts, and obscured calls to action or confusing navigation which is bound to turn visitors away.

The site should appear polished. To increase the overall quality of your website, the fonts, contrasts and spacing of texts make a difference and more attention needs to be paid to these details.

You are the business expert; however, it does not necessarily mean you are an expert in design and development. It is not just about what you want, it is also about what works. There needs to be a compromise between the two, and a web design company that specializes in design and structure will have the expertise of how to translate your message into a visually appealing web page.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesWebsites Design & Development
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