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How Not To Get Overwhelmed By Social Media Strategy

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesSocial Media Management

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Social media marketing can get out of hand a little if you are not watching it carefully. You have multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and they are powerful tools for businesses to promote their brand. You may feel tempted to get on all these platforms and before long you would have so many accounts you may lose track of them. At the same time, don’t forget your followers who will be following your brand on each of these accounts. You may have the same followers on multiple accounts, or you may have totally different people on different accounts as well. You need to watch out for your online reputation. How can you simplify social media and not get overwhelmed by the enormity of it?

As a marketer you may need a social media strategy to direct you to the platforms used mostly by your target audience. While many platforms exist it doesn’t make sense to be on all of them if your customers are not on it. You have to pick wisely and go to sites where prospective customers are congregating. Currently, Facebook and Twitter are the most frequently used by businesses, but that is not to say you cannot try your luck on Instagram or even LinkedIn.

When you limit the number of social media platforms that take up your attention you will find yourself doing a more effective and focused job to maintain your social media presence. Once you have made your choice, a social media agency will schedule your posts. You can post throughout the day by scheduling posts so that a batch of messages all leave at the same time.

You can follow people who follow you on Facebook, this allows you to see friend’s friends but it doesn’t mean you have to follow everyone that follows you. For instance, you may have several hundred followers on Twitter but you don’t have to follow each and everyone back. It becomes impossible to keep up with everyone. What you can do instead is to single out brand ambassadors, these are your customers who make it a point to validate your brand in public forums and platforms. You can keep a close eye on these people, inquire on their lives, comment and acknowledge their presence by becoming followers of their personal accounts.

Have a time limit. Social media is addictive and if you spend all your time on social media there won’t be much time left for you to focus on real business goals. In the end, your goals matter. You cannot check your notifications every time you hear a beep. The best solution, set yourself a time to check up on social media accounts, and once you are done, logout and come back to it only when the timer goes off the next time around.

As much as you develop a strategy, you need to review it every once in a while. There is no point in blindly following a strategy that doesn’t result in proper output. Review your social media profiles periodically and make the necessary adjustments and figure if you are getting the results you expected.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesSocial Media Management
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