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BLOG July 19, 2017

Thinking About Local SEO – Learn How To Dominate Search Engines

Any marketer knows that keeping up with SEO is no easy feat. It keeps changing, because SEO is evolving all the time. What about local SEO? If you run a local business, how do you optimize your on-site strategy for customers who may be searching for it? What you need are solid SEO tactics which we will discuss to help your business rank for local search terms.

You may be bored by now with title tags and meta descriptions, but they still matter. These elements can be customized to reflect your web page content to users. The title and meta tags are displayed on search results. It is almost like a mini-ad if you think about it, so craft it carefully. You have a certain amount of characters in the title and meta descriptions so use it to your advantage. Ensure what you’ve written is not out of search results. Writing titles and meta descriptions is critical to good SEO. You need to make the text descriptive, compelling and unique.

According to statistics, consumers use local searches. However, not all businesses claim local business listings which is a huge opportunity missed out on. It is essential you get your business listed on local directories and other business directories. Foe instance, you can check with your local newspaper if you are unfamiliar with local listings. Make certain your listings are available on respectable and prominent local directories, including your contact information, location and telephone number.

Start with locally focused keywords. Keywords and relevance are significant to ensuring on-page optimization is targeted properly and fully optimized. You need keywords with good search volume, highly targeted niche and lower competition. The size of the market comes into play when conducting keyword research. You can achieve results on the first page of search engines if you work with a SEO agency to create a high performing keyword list.

Online reviews matter. Businesses are only starting to just realize the importance of reviews and feedback from customers. A recent survey indicated 85% of consumers trusted online reviews. And many of these customers are happy to leave a review if you ask them. Learn to monitor review sites and be fully engaged on social media so that you are well ahead of the game, even if a negative review is left behind. You shouldn’t at any point delete or hide the review but you can always resolve the issue at hand, and then ask the customer to rewrite the review. Positive feedback is highly critical to local businesses as they show up on search engines when users conduct local searches.

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