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Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesWebsites Design & Development

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Website usability is now a commodity. Users expect a certain standard in web design and development. You need to hold the attention of your users, and for this the user experience must be simply amazing. It cannot be simple or plain. Nowadays, web design and development is user-centered. Let’s look at how a web development company can achieve good website usability.

Now onto the basics. Your website should be available and accessible to people. If your website doesn’t work when visitors attempt to access it, you are in trouble. Your website, for whatever reason, becomes of no use to them. How can availability and accessibility be addressed? The server up-time should be spot on, so invest in good hosting. Ensure your visitors can load the website without receiving error messages. In addition, make sure your site can handle mobile responsiveness.

Clarity is the core element of usability. Do not confuse or distract your visitors from what they came to see in the first place. They had a purpose to visit your site, let the purpose remain until they find it. If they don’t, they are likely to leave as dissatisfied customers and unlikely to visit again. Visitors too have goals when they frequent upon websites. Your goal should be to help them reach their goal quickly and efficiently. Clarity can be achieved through elements such as simplicity, familiarity, consistency and good information.

Another aspect of usability is learnability. Design an intuitive interface for your website. The interface should not require complex instructions. By now, users are familiar and well adjusted to web design and development and know the standards to expect. Offer something that is new but easy to learn. When you use a familiar and consistent design you meet the user’s expectations. Human beings understand patterns and prefer handling familiar situations. If the concept is new make sure you give people the tools to maneuver their way through it. Do not leave them stranded amidst your complex new web design.

A website will only succeed if it is credible. Credibility is important to usability. People may find everything they want on your website, but if they don’t trust you they will not buy from you. If visitors are skeptical about your business, whatever you do will not make a difference. Show people you are real, and that they are hanging out with real people. Be honest about your content. Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes. If you are an expert, show them you are an expert. You don’t have to hide your experience. Showcase your work experience and third party testimonials to your visitors.

Continue to be relevant. Your website should be relatable to the people who are visiting it. Who are your users? Find out what they like, what interests them and what kind of content they would enjoy. This is making your website relevant to your specific audience.



Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesWebsites Design & Development
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