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BLOG November 29, 2017

Improve Your Website Ranking With These SEO Tips

When it comes to improving SEO rankings what do you focus on? Most marketers will focus on keywords but not much else. If you have been working on keyword optimization, however, and still not achieving the results you want then it is time to have a SEO company re-think your strategy. There are other factors that can impact SEO ranking.

Dwell time

The time that people spend on a website can directly impact SEO ranking. In this instance, the dwell time matters. The longer people stay on and consume information, the more the dwell time increases. This means you need relevant, useful and high quality content. If content is not fresh and informative visitors will not read them leading to higher bounce rate. It is important to include keywords and phrases and to create authentic content that is both engaging and interesting.

Page loading speed

Google takes into account page loading speed. If your site takes more than a few seconds to load you can be certain your visitors will leave in a jiffy. This would hurt the dwell time which in turn will impact the SEO ranking.

Working images

Make sure the images are working. Images carry credibility and if your images are not working or loading properly, visitors will lose interest particularly in the instance, it is an online store with detailed list of products.

Good formatting

Use good formatting to improve the experience of the user. The more effective the experience, the longer your visitors will stay on your website. This will signal to search engines that your website is relevant and useful. When user experience is improved so will the standing of website ranking.

Outbound links

Linking to authoritative sites will send trust signals and improve SEO rankings. Outbound links to well respected and authoritative sites will offer visitors more in-depth information on the credibility of your site.

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