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Do You Have A New Site? Here’s How To Use PPC Effectively

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Google Adwords Management

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You’ve created a great site, you’ve spent time, money and resources. The site reflects your brand, vision, product and service. One week later you check the dashboard, no one has visited it, Sounds familiar? This is the reason businesses and brands take on a PPC company in the first place. You know all about SEO, social media and Google AdWords management, but you also know it takes time and energy. It is a very competitive market out there, and getting a specific target audience is not easy. You need quick wins and you know a Google AdWord campaign would do the trick.

If you have an e-commerce site with a reasonable product on display you would know it caters to a specific audience. As a result of a new site, your competitors have already done the hard work and are ranking for long tail keywords. What you need is an effectively run PPC campaign using the best practices. The best practices are usually followed by a PPC company. It will help grow your brand and draw in the niche group. Remember the site that had no visitors, you will soon see that turn around as visitors come clicking on your ad. Now you are on the other side receiving demanding traffic.

Google ads are not all about sales and traffic. It is so much more. It also gives your brand recognition. The more people that come across your ad, the more likely they will remember your brand name. It will start to sound familiar. It can also mean they search out for your business instead of always going through an ad.

The whole concept of Google AdWords management is to increase conversions, yes, but it also to find your target audience, your niche group that will remain with you once the ads have run their course. The ultimate purpose is to build a loyal base of customers, and Google ads is one of the most effective ways advertisers can reach target demographics.

When it comes to showcasing your product or service, a PPC company is an investment absolutely worth making. A paid campaign brings customers to your website, gives your brand awareness and you receive exactly what you paid for.

The playing field is leveled with PPC campaigns, as it can give the same exposure to small businesses as it does to large corporations. And you spend the same amount of money to get it.

Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, PPC campaigns offer real-time results. You can see clicks as it happens, when it happens. This helps you track the effectiveness of the campaign as well as to research how your next campaign will benefit from the results you achieved in this one.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Google Adwords Management
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