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BLOG November 2, 2017

Google AdWords Mistakes You Need To Avoid At All Costs

It’s a well known fact that marketers use Google AdWords to drive traffic to ┬ásites, however, if not used properly and not managed effectively it can end up costing your business. To get the highest return on investment, you need a to manage your campaign. Marketers make common mistakes, and in order to run a successful campaign you need to avoid these mistakes at all costs.

You set up AdWords group campaigns so you can handle different campaigns at once. However, with each campaign you need a separate ad and group of keywords. A big mistake marketers make is not using ad groups, and segmenting similar keywords into these groups. In the end, all keywords are lumped together and visitors are shown the same ad. PPC management is undeniably direct when it tells you that keywords which are typed by users are what should appear in each of your ads. The closer the ad is to the words the user types the more likely they will click on it. The bottom line is different ad groups need different keywords. You don’t customize the ad, instead you break down the keywords to suit the ad.

You will find marketers making the mistake of not using the exact keyword matches. Why should it matter? It is because the exact match you use will have a direct impact on the ad. Marketers can break up their keyword segments into exact matches, phrases and broad matches. First figure out what works for your company.

Marketers need to start using more negative keywords. Google AdWords allow you to use negative keywords, this keeps people who shouldn’t be clicking on your ad away from it. For instance, if you sell men’s running shoes, you want the ad to show up for men’s running shoes not just men’s shoes. You can start adding negative keywords, for instance, like designer men’s shows, because you don’t want your athletic shoes to show up when designer shoes are keyed in.

Test your ad copy several times. Your ad may sound flawless and fabulous, but if the numbers prove otherwise, it doesn’t matter that you love it. You can test variations of the ad, for instance, try two different headlines. This will indicate which version works best. You can mention a benefit in one, and a feature in the other. Once you test both ads and figure out which is getting more clicks, you can choose the one with the best results.

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