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Google AdWords Can Be Profitable, If You Create It Right

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Google Adwords ManagementServices

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It is exhilarating to launch a new Google AdWords campaign. There’s a mix of fear and excitement at the prospect of starting this journey. What are some of the common ingredients to tick off in your checklist before taking a step forward?

First and foremost, you need customer demand. Your customers need to be looking for your product or service, this is the only way a Google AdWords campaign will be effective. So before you create it, take a look at this very thing. Determine customer demand by checking if the keyword is searched on Google. If no search exists this means this phrase is not being typed in or no one is interested in it at the moment. Second, if the word is being searched analyze who is searching for it. Would the customer be interested in purchasing from you? What is the customer looking for? What is their intent?

You need to look for keywords that will make your campaign profitable and will likely convert customers. A Google AdWords company will avoid going after keywords that give you no chance of making high returns.

You need to know who your competitors are. This is commonly referred to as competitor intelligence. In most industries, marketers have already tried and tested keywords, they have figured out what works and what doesn’t. You need to be one step ahead of the game. Look at competitor’s ads, what do they incorporate to make it resonate within the market? How can you do better? Can you take it one step further? What differentiates you from your competitors? Focus on your strengths.


Make your offer irresistible. You need to offer something so compelling that your customers cannot refuse. You need to make your customers feel like they would be missing out on something if they don’t take up your offer. Your product and service must have value. Your customers should feel what they are paying for the product is worth the money. Clearly define the value so that your customer doesn’t see the price tag standing in the way.

Make your offer believable. You may have seen unbelievable offers often advertised. These offers are too good to be true, and customers see right through them. Make it believable and fabulous, but not to the point people start to be skeptical.

No one wants to get ripped online, and this is something people fall prey to often. Minimize the risk in your offer, for instance, have a money back guarantee. This takes away the risk and puts your product or service in a good place. People are willing to try something when they know they can always ask for their money back.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Google Adwords ManagementServices
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