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Facebook Recruiting And How It Can Benefit Your Business

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Marketing On FacebookServices

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Social media has become a business opportunity to every company whether big or small which has been proven to be effective and efficient. When dealing with the responsibility of recruitment, it seems more and more companies are recruiting to its advantage using Facebook advertising. How is Facebook recruiting beneficial to your business?

When you recruit through Facebook, it gives you more applicant traffic. As you are aware there exists job boards, websites and other blogs, but these mediums don’t always provide Facebook users with the opportunities they are looking for. Statistics reveal recruiting through Facebook brings more people to the social media channel than any other network out there. First and foremost, it is easy to apply for a job on Facebook. The vacancy is freely available and there is an application link which lets you fill in the information quickly and publish it. Unlike, message boards where you have to type in long letters, attach CVs or send an email, applying on Facebook is a simpler task which consumes less time.

Facebook is a global platform which means you have access to a global pool of recruits. It is the largest and most widely used platform in the world and recruiting through this channel gives you the opportunity to tap into this global pool of talented recruits. Recruitment is taken to a whole new level on Facebook and allows you to fill in the positions quite easily and with minimal hassle. It is diverse recruiting at its best.

When your company recruits through Facebook, it creates increased interaction and conversation which is good for the overall image of the brand. This offers a positive image to potential employees. With an increasingly engaged Facebook page, potential recruits will find the company a more attractive workplace to be a part of.

Current employees can participate in referrals through Facebook recruiting. Facebook recruiting has a systematic way of referring potential prospects to your company by showcasing company benefits and so on.

Job seekers like to have a more personal connection during the recruitment process. Unlike a stiff and formal job application process, Facebook recruiting takes away all the formalities and structure and gives it a loosened approach. Potential recruits are likely to feel more relaxed throughout the process when they find it easier to directly contact the company or recruitment specialist.

Studies have indicated people trust brands that are highly active on Facebook, The fact your company decides to recruit through Facebook increases activity and brand recognition in the industry.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Marketing On FacebookServices
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