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BLOG May 8, 2017

Essential Social Media Metrics To Measure Your Growth

So your business has embraced social media. You’ve got a Facebook page, Twitter account and an Instagram page. You post news, update articles, respond to customer queries and follow fans. You find yourself very active on your social media platforms, and enjoy the lively back and forth with your ever growing followers. How do you know if these interactions are converting? How do you measure social interactions? You may think it is a complicated process, but it is easier than you can imagine.

The easiest social media metric that can be measured is volume. Volume indicates interests. How big is the conversation on your campaign? If people love or hate something, they cannot stop talking about it. Do people constantly talk about your brand? Your campaign? This will indicate to you how much your product or service is liked, or not. It is not only about counting wall posts or retweets, shares etc. A social media agency will learn to identify when people are highly engaged and talking about your brand. This is the time for you to respond to this interaction.

What is reach? Reach, measures how far your message reaches people. How big an audience has access to your message? However, reach on its own does not tell you the complete story. You need to compare reach to other engagement metrics. Pick an important action like clicks, replies or retweets and to calculate the engagement percentage, here’s a simple trick; you need to divide this number by reach.

And getting onto the most important metric of all, let’s talk about engagement. Engagement is one way you can measure how well your brand is performing on social media. When it comes to social media networks, content can be shared, liked and replied which means you will know exactly who is engaging with your brand and how often it happens. What is your goal? Is your focus getting your message across or generating engagement? Use the metrics that reflects your goal in its entirety.

Influence may seem like a controversial social media metric, however, let’s not underestimate its power. Who is talking about your brand, who is participating in conversations related to your product, and who is driving conversations? You need to find brand advocates to get your audience to focus on the message by amplifying it and selling it through an influential party.

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