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Essential PPC Trends to Watch Out For

March 23, 2020

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Social Media

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You know what they say about free lunches, there aren’t any in the real world. The more you give the more you get, no pain no gain, yada yada you get the point. The same rule applies in the field of internet marketing. Unless you have been living on an island or under a rock for the past decade, you must have heard of PPC.

PPC is short for pay-per-click which stands for form of internet marketing that pays advertisers every time someone clicks on their ads. Similarly, advertisers also get rewarded by search engines for creating specifically targeted and relevant pay-per-click campaigns, by being charging less for ad clicks.

No wonder then that PPC is a huge favourite with advertisers as it places them in the driver’s seat with regards to making the relevant switches in the optimization strategies to boost the Quality Score which leads to higher ROI per PPC campaign. This is why PPPC has come to be known as one of the most lucrative channels for marketing that ensures high ROI. 

Having said that, the game is always evolving and companies that are not constantly adapting and improving are getting left by the wayside. Make no mistake, this is not a 100 metre dash, this is a marathon and with almost no barriers to entry, there is competition at every step. 

It pays to get a leg up on your competition. There is no magic 8 ball to predict the future, but there are trends and patterns that can help advertisers in imagining what to expect in the always changing landscape of PPC.

So, without much further ado, here are the Top Five trends to watch out for:

  • The Age of AI is here: AI is making inroads into everything that humans used to do. While it is still not hasta la vista baby time for us mortals, it would be prudent to incorporate automation into the workflows as AI is definitely the biggest PPC trend of 2020, being on the mind of nearly every PPC marketer. But don’t just take our word for it. According to Julie Friedman Bacchini, President & Founder, Neptune Moon, not only will automation and machine learning  continue picking up speed in 2020, but the key for paid search pros will be to figure out how to use these tools/features as effectively as possible, while also retaining their value by doing things the machines cannot do. The writing is on the wall; in 2020 if there are not some form of rules or scripts in your workflow, you’re way behind already. However, not all is lost, you can still catch up. Some pros mention the Eisenhower Matrix when deciding where to start automation. Think of one thankless task you do regularly. Something that takes a lot of time but has a small impact on results. Just start there, take that task and find a machine to do it for you.
  • Diversity is the key to survival:  Whereas Facebook and Google will continue to hold relevance in the field of online advertising, the margin is constantly shrinking with various platforms improving their targeting and personalization options to allow advertisers to reach high-quality prospects. It would be wise in 2020 to diversify your PPC ad spend so as to get a better spread. One shiny example is Amazon’s Sponsored Product Ads which looks set to emerge as a key PPC tactic for many retail brands. Similarly, Bing and Google also look like upping their game by rolling out more tools. This would boost in-store traffic for local advertisers.

In a nutshell then; channel integration and diversification. Anyone not looking to new channels in 2020 will be missing out on new business. Think of marketing as an ecosystem; no channel is an island. The lines are blurred. There is no separate standalone entity when it comes to channels. 

  • Know thy audience: For all the talk about changing trends, some things are timeless such as the adage that the customer king. 2020 is the year of targeting your audience and messaging them in a manner that resonates with them. The key is to avoid cramming a lot of jargon in their faces. Do not worry about the direct sale, focus instead on how your offerings can help others. In 2020 the choice is simple; it’s not audiences or keywords, its audience targeting placed above keywords.
  • The Voice is not just the name of a show: In 2020, advertisers need to be thinking about creating ad campaigns that focus on voice search. This is because experts predict that by the end of the year :
  1. 50% of all searches will be voice-based
  2. Voice shopping will account for 50% of consumers 
  3. Sales worth $40 billion will be through voice commerce

With these numbers in mind, any business that fails to create PPC campaigns for voice search will be missing out on major opportunities to be featured in voice search results. 

  • Know your brand: 2020 is the year when brands go beyond brand awareness and delve into brand affinity. It is no longer enough to identify your potential customers. Businesses are no striving to influence how potential customers feel about their brand and respond to it. In other words, in 2020 building relationships and brand preference will be key.
Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi is a Google Certified Digital Marketer with 10+ years of industry experience. He is a prolific writer on business-related topics, regularly contributing articles to leading digital marketing and business websites.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
Social Media
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