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Do You Have An E-commerce Store? Use Social Media To Increase Traffic

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesSocial Media Management

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If you are responsible for the marketing of your own store or someone else’s store, you need strategies to generate interest, increase conversions, build your brand, encourage repeat business and boost referrals. In the modern age when most businesses seem to have an online presence it is imperative you focus on social media platforms too.


When it comes to marketing your e-commerce store you need some of the best resources. Social media analytics collect and analyze data on social media sites to determine you are targeting the right audiences. When you have unbiased data at your fingertips it will make your marketing efforts more effective. Which posts receives the most likes, shares and comments? Which content is clicked on the most often? This data will help you to determine which posts and topics seemingly interest your audience more than others? And it will help you identify not just your target customers but also other potential demographics.


Social media lets you chat to your customers directly. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn for instance to provide your customers around the clock customer support. This is a great benefit for startups and new entrepreneurs, who are just building a target audience. A social media agency will help you differentiate your brand with competitors by offering exceptional customer support.


Provide information and answer questions as soon as they come in. This will make your customers happy and feel valued, knowing they are important to you and the brand. You can conduct live Q&As, and respond to complaints immediately. This is what make customers become loyal brand ambassadors of businesses. They will also likely recommend your product or service to others.


Remember, customers too lead busy lives and expect to hear back from businesses if they have posed a complaint. Do not delay by days or weeks, it will turn people completely off. You will lose potential prospects if you do not keep up with their demands. Social media lets you respond instantly and this is a big advantage to e-commerce stores. When you provide an immediate response, your customers will likely become repeat customers.


Social media can be used to humanize your brand. It lets people get to know the real you. It also gives you the opportunity to project your brand in a positive light. You can demonstrate the brand’s goals, vision, passion and uniqueness. The primary factor is you need to standout from other competing e-commerce stores. For instance, you can introduce your customers to employees in a short video responsible for picking for packaging the products and shipping them out.


Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesSocial Media Management
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