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BLOG June 12, 2017

How To Create A Successful Social Media Strategy For Your Business?

Some marketers are intimidated by social media marketing. With plenty of social media platforms available, and each one having a separate set of features, it can be hard to understand what works and what can be integrated into your long term social media strategy. You need a simple and sensible plan, one that will work around your resources and budget. Let’s look at how your social media agency can create a successful yet sensible strategy.

Identify your target audience. Define who falls in your customer base. You need to know and fully understand the people who buy from you, Look at key demographics including age, gender and income. You can broaden the reach by adding hobbies, location and interests. What kinds of challenges are faced by your audience, and how do they go about solving them? Will your product help, will it make a difference? Focus on the majority, like 3 types of people who fit into your buyer base.

Offer your audience educational content and resources. As much as it is interesting to make your product into something that appears attractive, it also needs to be useful to your audience. Otherwise they wouldn’t have any need for it. Provide educational resources about your product or service that makes it seem like you are an expert on the subject. You can create downloadable resources like webinars, ebooks, videos and infographics.

Use only a handful of social media channels. No, you don’t have to be on everything. As attractive as it may seem to have multiple social media platforms, it doesn’t make sense to have a LinkedIn account if none of your followers are on it. Choose the platforms your followers and customers use frequently. These are the platforms that will help you build a community.

Create a social media plan and stick to it. Routine and consistency are vital to keeping your presence credible and trustworthy. You have to engage with your audience if you are to ever gain trust and recognition. People are not just going to trust you if you offer them nothing in return. So engage in conversation, ask questions, suggest opinions and offer views. Get your audience involved in these discussions. The more you humanize your brand, the easier it becomes for people to buy from you.






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