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Why Your Business Needs Social Media Even If Your Customers May Not

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesSocial Media Management

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Many companies are on social media, and so are its customers. It is hard to find a company in this day and age without a social media presence. At the same time, millions of people primarily go on social media to engage with not just friends, but businesses and companies. Marketers think social media is crucial because of its target audience. Yes, this is true; however, social media is vital despite this. It is an essential component of a long term marketing strategy, and one that businesses cannot do without.

If you are producing content, it would be a waste if you cannot give it any visibility during an organic search. Social media platforms are a huge promoter of web pages. Turns out, search engine results look at social media activity to determine if their content is worthwhile. So the more your audience promotes and shares your content the more search engines take note. A social media agency will publish blog posts, ebooks and other useful resources on your social media accounts to increase visibility and recognition in search engine results.

Social media let’s you have a good online presence. It is one of the best ways to dominate the web and if someone wants to conduct a search for your company, they might come across your social media profiles. The more social media sites appear on search engine results, the more relevant and credible your brand becomes in the eyes of others.

Did you know customers use search engines when making a buying decision? A whooping 2/3 of customers look at online reviews of products and services before making a purchasing decision. Many of these audiences look to social media profiles of companies, and there is a good chance your targeted audience does the same thing.

Let’s say your customers are not part of any of these targeted groups. However, what about people who have an affiliation to your brand but don’t belong to this audience. Let’s say colleagues, future employees, journalists and even business partners, these people are bound to be on social media and would expect the brand they associate themselves with to also be on it. And frankly, they will want to communicate with you using these very platforms.

And how about similar businesses and their key demographics? May be most of your target audience have not much to do with social media, but other businesses’ customers do. And if your product or service is similar to theirs then you need to find and target these new audiences. Businesses need to expand on their audiences; there is no point in sticking to one particular group. Always look for opportunities to reach beyond the demographic, and other similar businesses’ audiences are a great place to start.




Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesSocial Media Management
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