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BLOG May 17, 2017

How B2B Marketing Is Utilizing The Power Of Facebook For Its Growth And Success

Marketers are realizing Facebook isn’t for teens and for people out of work that don’t seem to have anything of importance on their plates. In fact, B2B companies are using the massive potential Facebook offers in terms of drawing an audience and keeping it. Not only can marketers use Facebook to find potential customers, it can also be used to track and monitor marketing efforts and performances.

With Facebook having grown to over 1.59 billion users, it is safe to say some of the audiences you plan to target have Facebook profiles and use it regularly. Statistic reveal Facebook generates $6 billion in revenue. Such revenue materializes when people actually use this app, so you can be certain that using Facebook marketing to engage with prospective customers has potential for growth and profit.

There are has been startling success in recent years for B2B companies in terms of ROI increases through Facebook advertising. Performance can be monitored and if marketers feel their prospective audience does not show interest in a particular service, wasting anymore time and energy can be avoided, and instead it can be invested in a Facebook advertising campaign that will bring success to the company.

Facebook offers a retargeting program which allows marketers to retarget your target audience with compelling ads. This is an audience that initially expressed an interest in your company, but for whatever reasons unknown slipped away. Since they showed an interest in your product or service to begin with, you can remind that person through retargeting the potential of your company, and encourage them to give it a go the second time.

Facebook offers a complete social experience. Companies are encouraged to build long lasting relationships and connections with a target audience. You can also share valuable insight and content. The more credible and trustworthy you become, the more people will start taking notice, and this includes other businesses. Credibility is key to making people feel comfortable to do business with you. As you engage with your audience, you are given the opportunity to establish your brand, build a culture and gain brand recognition. Facebook is not just for grandparents wanting to keep in touch with their grandkids, or for serial bargainers looking for that pair of designer shows. It is also a space where B2B companies can operate and find your own people.

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