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The 5 Simple Things You Need To Know About SEO And Social Media

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesSocial Media Management

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While everyone seems to understand that social media and SEO go hand in hand, no one really knows how it impacts the other. Engagement is key to social visibility but just by being active or posting content your job is not fully done. You cannot schedule standard posts to be distributed across all networks. The discipline between social media and SEO is not limited to creating great content, which is only the half of it. If you want to derive the best value from SEO consider the following.

Social media presence does not equal increase in rank. You cannot open social media accounts and expect Google to take notice. Engagement, activity and fantastic content will increase the links and visibility which in turn will lead to a better ranking on search engines.

Your followers, influencers and connections on your social media platforms will have a notable effect on search engine rankings. You must earn your audience, SEO will not buy it for you. This means a social media agency will have to build a following organically which is a slow process but very effective in the long run.

SEO wants backlinks and social media is ready it to give it. Google likes diverse links and social media is a great place to achieve this. As long as your content is original, authentic and fresh and your audience finds it relevant, SEO and social media can have the perfect partnership.

SEO comes in handy with post optimization. If you are using multiple social media channels you can use the same post but rank it with different search terms.

Content gives you branding opportunity. High quality content is known to increase brand presence. Great content will help you gain recognition and improve your online reputation.

Social media and SEO are pull marketing or inbound marketing techniques. Pushing products down your audience’s throat all the time may push them elsewhere, more often than not to your competitors. So you need to pull them in with genuine conversation and interest in their lives, identify their needs and passions. Selling will then become a piece of cake.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesSocial Media Management
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