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5 Social Media Mistakes You Need To Avoid At All Costs

Ali Soudi - Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesSocial Media Management

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Social media is an essential part of your business’s marketing efforts online. And yet many businesses’ corporate social media accounts look anything but sleek and professional. With so much of conflicting advice out there on how to make your social media strategy standout and give your business the attention it deserves here are some beginner mistakes you need to avoid at all costs. These mistakes will cost you and make your company lose its credibility.
As much as you make your social media accounts accessible and personable to your audience, it should not get too personal. While it is good advice to make accessing your platforms easier for followers and you need to add a personal touch so that it doesn’t appear as a generic corporate account, how much personal information you share should be something you consider before just putting it out there. Interact with followers and customers frequently but also maintain a professional work relationship. If you don’t want to say something directly to your co-workers or shareholders then it is certainly not something you should be sharing for the world to see.
When you use social media to interact with potential customers, self promotion to a certain extent is necessary and required. People expect promotion. After all, it is likely that they have purchased your products and services in the past and are fans. In addition, professional social media accounts are used for promotional items and material. The problem arises when your social media platforms become all about promotion, when all you do is update promotional material and content. There is almost no value for your fans and followers because they’ve already seen the same post in different variations several times over. Think about what would interest your customers. Post useful and helpful links, not related to your business all the time.
Have conversations and engage often with your followers. While it may be difficult to reply every single tweet or Faceook comment, schedule time to reply as often and frequently as possible. You can also post general comments and updates thanking your followers and fans for their loyalty to the company. Create a community and engage on a daily basis. The more you talk to your followers directly the bigger the rewards.
As a company you are bound to receive negative comments and feedback every now and then. Do not ignore it. You need to face it head on despite not liking any of it. After all, they too are your customers and may want your attention pertaining to an issue related to your product or service. Such instances can be taken as opportunities to turn around a negative situation into something positive and win over a new customer.
Too many businesses jump onto social media without a proper strategy in place. This method rarely works. People nowadays are tech savvy and will keep a close eye on how well you run your social media platforms. If it looks too amateurish they will soon bail. Making mistakes on social media is not something that should happen at the hands of a company, avoid such gaffes. Your social media agency will have a solid plan, experiment with what works and always keep your goals at the forefront.

Ali Soudi

Ali Soudi

Head of Digital Marketing
ServicesSocial Media Management
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