We strive to exceed all our clients’ expectations.

BeUnique was formed in 2009 with only one focus in mind - to deliver the highest levels of service and profitability for our clients. With offices in Abu Dhabi and New York, our Head Office is based in Dubai. Our BeUnique staff are recruited based on their motivation and care for all that they do. We offer continuous training to ensure we provide the most successful, cost effective and result oriented sales and marketing campaigns for our clients. Specializing in serving small to medium sized business, we have grown to operate over 11 different divisions within our organization.

From setting up a new company in The UAE, to developing your brand, licensing, website creation and social media management, our team of consultants are here to serve you. During the past seven years, our business has experienced year on year growth and the majority of that growth has come from recommendations and referrals. Under constant guidance of our Chairman, our staff originate from eleven nationalities based in four countries. “I believe in totally equality, irrespective of ones place of birth and nationality or whether they are male or female”.

Commenting on the fast growth of BeUnique: “As long as we are delivering on our promises, every time, all of the time, we will continue to grow”

“United Arab Emirates and Dubai specially have been very good to me and my family. Where in the world can so many nationalities trade with such freedom and positive energy and opportunities?”

“We would like to help businesses who want to enter this market and simplify what most people have turned in to rocket science”

“We are proud to announce that within a few years our online division is now considered amongst the top 15 premier Google partners in The Middle East and North Africa”

“Every day at Beunique we have daily meetings and reporting ensuring that urgency, drive, enthusiasm and focus is applied in all that we do. Never wasting time”